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Cover of Thick as Thieves

Book: Thick as Thieves

By Cara Malone and Anna Cove

Madison Blackstone is a lone wolf thief on a mission to win back the only family she has left. When a rare book surfaces on the black market, it’s just the thing to buy her brother’s love. The only thing…

Cover of Good Vibes

Book: Good Vibes

By Cara Malone

The little details have never interested Libby. From her eclectic style to her carefree attitude about her adult toy shop, she’s all about the big picture. But when her business partner retires, Libby’s safety net disappears and it’s up to…

Cover of The Glow Up

Book: The Glow Up

By Cara Malone

Jo’s dreams have always been too big for her small-town Montana life. When she lands a competitive internship in Chicago, her conservative parents worry about letting her go. But it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, sure to change her world….

Cover of Falling Gracefully

Book: Falling Gracefully

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Jordan Scherer

For Melody Bledsoe, the answer is to go home and lick your wounds. A former child prodigy, Melody was always the best dancer in her class – in her town, even. All that changed when she won a scholarship to…

Cover of Love in the Stacks

Book: Love in the Stacks

By Cara Malone

Mira Lockhart is married to her work. One of the youngest library directors in the state, she has been climbing ladders for so long she’s forgotten what life is like outside the library. Not that she has time for love…

Cover of Destiny

Book: Destiny

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Victoria Landon

It’s the most romantic time of year, and the Emerald Mountain Ski Resort staff are working overtime to transform it into a Valentine’s Day destination. Travel photographer Haley Thomas arrives on the mountain reluctant but determined to cover the festivities…

Cover of Joy

Book: Joy

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Victoria Landon

Carmen hasn’t had snow on Christmas in ten years. Her family has grown accustomed to beaches and extravagant tropical vacations, but she still remembers the snow in Massachusetts when she was a kid. When her dad decides to book a…

Cover of Mouth to Mouth

Book: Mouth to Mouth

By Cara Malone

Sarah would do anything for her friends. From babysitting to wedding planning, and even going beyond the call of duty for her patients, ‘no’ isn’t part of her vocabulary – until her body reaches a breaking point. When Sarah faints…

Cover of Puppy Love

Book: Puppy Love

By Cara Malone

From her curly red hair to her dimpled smile, she’s the ultimate girl next door. She’s also a dedicated veterinarian and a total catch… so why is she doomed to watch all her friends fall in love while her own…

Cover of Cat's Meow

Book: Cat's Meow

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Tegan Bourke

Entering her second year of vet tech school, Ling is caught between her best friend and her long-time crush. Ling wants nothing more than to tell Dakota how she feels, but she can’t risk upsetting the delicate balance of their…