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Cover of Beyond the Lights

Book: Beyond the Lights

By Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue | Narrated by Kris Szczesny

Sawyer Johnson has spent her entire life in the same small town with the same people, and she has always imagined a life beyond the bright lights of the town. Autumn Thompson, her best friend is completely satisfied with their…

Cover of Those Who Wait

Book: Those Who Wait

By Haley Cass | Narrated by Lori Prince

…and if she could figure out how to talk to a woman without feeling like a total mess, that would be great too. Charlotte Thompson is very much the opposite. She’s always had clear steps outlining her path to success…

Cover of Love Burns

Book: Love Burns

By Adrian J. Smith

Kimberly Thompson—or Kim Burns, her stage name—is a celebrity chef whose career is taking off. As a single mom who has a penchant for being a bit of a bitch, she goes through nannies like the flavor of the month…

Cover of Turn Back Time

Book: Turn Back Time

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Nicole Vilencia

Wynter Thompson, divorced with a young child, struggles to balance the demands of her surgical residency with the responsibilities of motherhood -and between the two, discovers there is little time left for anything else. She manages to convince herself that…

Cover The Shape of You

Book: The Shape of You

By Georgia Beers | Narrated by Lori Prince

…who confesses she’s only there because her fiancée signed her up. Who does that to someone they care about? And why can’t Rebecca take her eyes off her? Spencer Thompson is a second-guesser. After making the worst mistake of her…

Cover of The Politician

Book: The Politician

By Emma Nichols

From an early age, Sarah Thompson’s life has been driven by her ambition to become Prime Minister. The leadership of her party and the country is tantalisingly within reach when a new Assistant, Kendra, joins her team. Sarah’s growing fascination…

Cover of A Swing At Love

Book: A Swing At Love

By Harper Bliss and Caroline Bliss | Narrated by Carmen Rose

Diane Thompson is happy enough. Her successful accounting firm allows her plenty of time to play all the golf she wants and enjoy her life in small Sussex village Tynebury. She’s finally over the divorce from her husband, but potential…

Cover of Say You Love Me

Book: Say You Love Me

By Rachel Murphy

…she tried and failed. Until the bartender on one of her dates threw her for a loop and made her question everything. Taylor Thompson didn’t believe in soulmates or love at first sight, but she definitely felt something the first…

Cover of A Good Chance

Book: A Good Chance

By Ali Vali | Narrated by Lula Larkin

Desi’s sister Rachel Thompson is happy for them. Rachel might wish for her own grand love affair, but her attraction to Harry’s ex Serena Ladding doesn’t exactly spell happily ever after. She’s pretty sure Serena is still in love with…

Cover of Corsets and Cognac

Book: Corsets and Cognac

By Cheril N. Clarke

…former instructor to push her comfort zone boundaries. Kerry-Ann Thompson is on the cusp of fulfilling her biggest dream, opening a glamourous cabaret-style club called The Crown, where she will perform, with Ashley and a troupe of others, a whimsical…