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Cover of Lovebirds

Book: Lovebirds

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Tegan Bourke

She’s perfectly content with her close-knit friends, her avian research at the local university, and, well, her own hand is enough to satisfy her on lonely nights. But then her BFF starts a family, Kiran’s dean denies her tenure, and…

Cover of Slow Burn

Book: Slow Burn

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Tegan Bourke

And now Lauren’s got a brand-new fire to put out. There’s a beautiful stranger outside her office, waiting to steal a moment of Lauren’s time –with a fox perched on her shoulder. Grace just launched her animal-assisted therapy business with…

Cover of Awakened

Book: Awakened

By Cara Malone

Once you’ve been awakened to love, can you ever go back to sleep? Leah McAllister is starting a new job in a bland maze of tan cubicles where she hopes to blend in with her surroundings – she’s had enough…

Cover of The Rules of Love

Book: The Rules of Love

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Teri Clark Linden

She knows exactly what it looks like – she’s spent years studying the phenomenon in other people, but her Asperger syndrome makes it far too anxiety-provoking to attempt such a thing in her own life. Instead, she focuses exclusively on…

Cover of The Rules of Engagement

Book: The Rules of Engagement

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Teri Clark Linden

Max and Ruby have fallen hard for each other after a bitter grad school rivalry turned first into lust, and then into love. When the school year comes to an end, they’re faced with a new challenge: a summer apart….

Cover of The Rules of Parenthood

Book: The Rules of Parenthood

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Teri Clark Linden

Max and Ruby Saddlerwhite are newlyweds who seem to have it all. They have mastered the rules of love and navigated the challenges of a long-term relationship, and now they are settling happily into married life and beginning their careers….

Cover of The Origins of Heartbreak

Book: The Origins of Heartbreak

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Victoria Landon

Alex McHenry’s world stood still the day her father passed. She was 19, studying to be an art teacher, and living happily like any other college student. Then abruptly, her life was reduced to funeral arrangements, depression, therapy, and the…

Cover of A Cut Above

Book: A Cut Above

By Cara Malone

Ivy Chan has always known her destiny. She would be the best neurosurgeon in the state, or maybe the country. Better even than her father, whose shadow she’s eager to escape. Ivy has always been a student above all. Friendships,…

Cover of Love Trauma

Book: Love Trauma

By Cara Malone

Krys Stevens is the best trauma doctor at Lakeside Hospital. She runs the ER like a finely choreographed dance and her dedication to her patients makes up for the ones she cannot save. She’s got a small group of coworkers…

Cover of Labor of Love

Book: Labor of Love

By Cara Malone

What if your soulmate arrives the day after you decide to stop looking for her? Hot-shot obstetrician Mercedes Stone is killing it at work, but she has a dirty secret. She’s the daughter of a hoarder. She’s built her life…