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Cover of Soul Food Stories

Book: Soul Food Stories

By Anna Burke and Jenn Alexander, Jacob Budenz, Virginia Black, Cathy Pegau, Ann McMan

…Agency” by Anna Burke “Tilly’s Tarts” by Jenn Alexander “Of the Air and Land” by Jacob Budenz “Ravenous” by Virginia Black “In Speary Wood” by Cathy Pegau “Perhaps You MIssed My Signs” by Anna Burke “Ghost Writer” by Ann McMan…

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…My Reach by Amy Blythe The Mermaid, the Witch and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall Beggars Flip by Benny Lawrence Tomorrow’s Promise by Radclyffe Sea Legs by KG MacGregor Spindrift by Anna Burke Ride the Wave by Natasha West Green-eyed…

Cover of Night Tide

Book: Night Tide

By Anna Burke | Narrated by Annette Romano

…Lillian Lee. Thrown back into each other’s orbits, Lillian and Ivy must find a way to work together, despite the treacherous emotions threatening to drown them both. Night Tide is Book #2 of Burke’s Seal Cove Romance series—it follows Spindrift….

Cover of Spindrift

Book: Spindrift

By Anna Burke | Narrated by Annette Romano

Morgan Donovan had everything she ever wanted: a dream job as a large animal veterinarian, awesome friends, and a loving and supportive fiancée. But it all comes crashing down when her fiancée dumps her after realizing that Morgan’s job will…

Cover of Nottingham

Book: Nottingham

By Anna Burke | Narrated by Annette Romano

After a fateful hunting accident sends her on the run from the law, Robyn finds herself deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest. All she really wants to do is provide for her family and stay out of trouble, but…

Cover of Compass Rose

Book: Compass Rose

By Anna Burke | Narrated by Annette Romano

Rose was born facing due north, with an inherent perception of cardinal points flowing through her veins. Her uncanny sense of direction earns her a coveted place among the Archipelago Fleet elite, but it also attracts the attention of Admiral…

Cover of Sea Wolf

Book: Sea Wolf

By Anna Burke | Narrated by Annette Romano

Life aboard the mercenary ship Man o’ War is rarely dull as hurricanes, swarms of jellyfish, and man-eating squid pose daily doses of danger. As intrigue and subterfuge from enemies old and new begin to surround its captain, the infamous…

Cover of Thorn

Book: Thorn

By Anna Burke | Narrated by Annette Romano

The rose is followed by the Huntress, a figure out of legend. Tall, cruel, and achingly beautiful, she brings Rowan back with her to a mountain fastness populated solely by the creatures of the hunt. Rowan, who once scorned the…

Cover of In the Roses of Pieria

Book: In the Roses of Pieria

By Anna Burke

When Clara Eden is offered a job as an archivist working for eccentric estate owner Agatha Montague, she thinks her prayers have been answered. Soon, she finds herself sucked into the world of her research, captivated by a romantic correspondence…