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Cover of Romancing the Inventor

Book: Romancing the Inventor

By Gail Carriger | Narrated by Emma Newman

…for those who enjoy Jenny Frame or Sarah Waters only bonus light-hearted urban fantasy. If Jane Austen dated Gentlemen Jack this charming stand-alone romance would be it. Supernatural Society stories can be read in any order, but if you’re a…

Cover of Hunger for You

Book: Hunger for You

By Jenny Frame | Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent

For Byron Debrek that means putting the good of her clan and innocent mortals over her own desires. When she falls for the first woman to set her blood on fire in centuries, Byron must harden her heart and walk…

Cover of Royal Exposé

Book: Royal Exposé

By Jenny Frame | Narrated by Amy Putt

The realities of a career in the fashion industry leave her disillusioned and, after years working with UNICEF to improve the working conditions of families exploited by the unethical garment industry, Poppy returns home to start her business degree and…

Cover of The Duchess and the Dreamer

Book: The Duchess and the Dreamer

By Jenny Frame | Narrated by Keira Grace

After her grandmother and famous social reformer blew the family fortune on her dream of creating a new kind of community, the family land was sold off and their coffers drained. Clementine grew up watching her mother struggle and now…

Cover of Blood Of The Pack

Book: Blood Of The Pack

By Jenny Frame | Narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

All she needs is her destined mate to share it with. Zaria Lupa isn’t looking for love. She’s been on the run from Leroux, Alpha of the American Lupa pack, ever since Leroux killed her sister. When the Lupa wolves…

Cover of Wooing The Farmer

Book: Wooing The Farmer

By Jenny Frame | Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent

At least that’s what she tells herself when she retreats to Axedale to record a new web series and write a cookbook. That sounds so much better than damage control after her only live, on-screen interview ends in an oh-so-public…

Cover of Soul Of The Pack

Book: Soul Of The Pack

By Jenny Frame | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

When the Sanctuary is shut down, she’s lost. The only clue to her past is a birth certificate with the name Ansel Wolfgang on it, but she has never been brave enough to track her father down. Until now. Kindergarten…

Cover of My Forever Girl

Book: My Forever Girl

By Jenny Frame

Four years later, they’re thrown together on a cruise by their friends. Can the spark that refused to die reignite the fire of their love?

Cover of A Haven for the Wanderer

Book: A Haven for the Wanderer

By Jenny Frame | Narrated by Amy Putt

Make a good marriage and settle down to the business of making a family. But making a family isn’t what Bronte wants at all. Instead, she’s dedicated her life to saving animals as an animal rehabilitator. The Rosebrook village trust…

Cover of Dying for You

Book: Dying for You

By Jenny Frame | Narrated by Amy Putt

Her clan is dismayed by her reluctance to order Daisy brought to her. The old Victorija would have used her for her blood without a second thought. However no one knows of the age-old vow holding her back. Daisy MacDougall…