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Cover of An Unlikely Valentine's Day

Book: An Unlikely Valentine's Day

By Katie Trapp

…book, An Unlikely Partnership. This novelette can be read as a stand-alone, but to see how they meet and solve two murders and save not only each other but the whole town, check out An Unlikely Partnership by Katie Trapp….

Cover of Redemption In Copper Hollow

Book: Redemption In Copper Hollow

By Katie Trapp

…is the goal, but can they all accomplish it, or will some fail? This is the second and last installment in the Mining For Justice series. To read the first installment, check out Road To Copper Hollow by Katie Trapp….

Cover of An Unlikely Partnership

Book: An Unlikely Partnership

By Katie Trapp

Rue Lovelace was not accustomed to change. She enjoyed her mundane life. So, when her mentor abruptly skips town leaving her in his place as Head Custos witch and new owner of a mystery ring, she doesn’t handle it the…

Cover of Road to Copper Hollow

Book: Road to Copper Hollow

By Katie Trapp

All Blythe Gallamore wanted to do was get her life on track and settle down. After decades of friendship, she and best friend Miranda decide to explore their budding feelings for each other. So when she inherits the Gallamore estate…

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