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All About Duo Act

All About: Duo Act by Lainee Ash

Duo Act by Lainee Ash Released: November 15, 2022 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? As both a non-binary person and a former aerialist, I think this book has lived in my heart for a long time….

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Cover of Duo Act

Book: Duo Act

By Lainee Ash

Sofia has waited her entire life to get to perform in a real circus show. Better yet, she’ll get to create two acts! The only catch? One performance is a duo act. And her partner is a nightmare. The blue-haired,…

Cover of Scoring Pass

Book: Scoring Pass

By Lainee Ash

I’ve been in love with her since we were kids. Now I get to date her on the most romantic day of the year. Too bad it’s all a lie. Whether it’s at their high school prom or on the…

Cover of Match Play

Book: Match Play

By Lainee Ash

Wren is supposed to be picking out suckers to ruin for her boss, but a chance encounter with a beautiful and enticing golfer derails her plans. Mio isn’t simply a great golfer – she’s the best Wren has ever met….

Cover of Against the Odds

Book: Against the Odds

By Lainee Ash

Get three full-length sapphic romance novels featuring strong women, unconventional sports, steamy action and always a HEA. SET CONTAINS Scoring Pass Duo Act Match Play Scoring Pass: Ryann and Devina have been friends ever since they went to the prom…