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Cover of Mercy

Book: Mercy

By Max Ellendale

Ex-rock star, Dusty Song, abandons her music career to become a U.S. Marshal tasked with safeguarding vulnerable people from the criminals set on silencing them. When Dusty first encounters the illustrious Honorable Judge Bidwell, she sees a woman marked by…

Cover of Entanglement

Book: Entanglement

By Max Ellendale

Uranium isn’t something that Detective Billie Olsen often finds on bodies of homicide victims. The unusual situation connects her to physicist and college professor, Mira Lewis. Incited by the discovery of the weak radioactive element, the two join forces to…

Cover of Anita

Book: Anita

By Max Ellendale

Doctor Anita Oliver is steadfast in her support of her patients and friends. Always reliable, always there when they need her. After a lifetime spent consulting with the FBI and working for the Seattle Police Department, Anita tumbled onto the…

Cover of Four Point

Book: Four Point

By Max Ellendale

Thirty-two bodies, twenty years, and a cold case that lives inside her alone. Detective Sali James teeters on the edge of sanity as she’s forced to unearth her darkest days in order to stop Washington’s most elusive serial killer. “Isn’t…

Cover of Point Two

Book: Point Two

By Max Ellendale

The case is reopened… “I can’t believe this shit is happening again. Four Point’s dead and yet, everyone I care about is unsafe. Again. Brody’s gone, Maggie’s hurt, and now Ben and I have to fix everything ourselves. This time,…

Cover of Mirror

Book: Mirror

By Max Ellendale

In the final installment of the Four Point Trilogy, Sali and Maggie, despite their retirement, find themselves tirelessly recruited by civilians asking for their help. When a desperate mother appeals to Sali’s sensitivities to search for her missing daughter, the…

Cover of Maverick

Book: Maverick

By Max Ellendale

Renowned doctor, Lauren Lewis, purchases an old Victorian home after the loss of her former residence and channels her energy into restoring the new property. When a wandering antique restorer shows up to take on the job, together, they uncover…

Cover of Hart & Stocker

Book: Hart & Stocker

By Max Ellendale

It’s not every day that Willa receives distress calls for sick horses owned by dead people. As one of two veterinarians in the rural area of Washington State, she responds to the summons for two reasons; she’s worried for the…