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A Monster's Touch

All About: A Monster's Touch by S. Y. Thompson

A Monster’s Touch by S. Y. Thompson Released: Jul 06, 2023 Genre: Mystery Why this book and why now? I just love Scooby-Doo and watch him every morning. And who doesn’t remember Nancy Drew Mysteries from our youth? I wanted…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Prisoner to Spring by Brigid Collins A Hellhound for Halloween by Calandra Hunter Art Of Magic by KJ Endless Quest by S. Y. Thompson Fire Control by Elva Birch Scatter by Molly J. Bragg The Knight of the Wild by…

Cover of Lesbians on the Loose

Book: Lesbians on the Loose

By Lori L. Lake and Jessie Chandler

…for themselves and others. You won’t regret going on the lam with these terrific writers! Stories by: Elizabeth Sims, Carsen Taite, SY Thompson, Andi Marquette, Linda M. Vogt, VK Powell, Kate McLachlan, Lori L. Lake, Lynn Ames, Sandra de Helen,…

Cover of The Flaw In Logic

Book: The Flaw In Logic

By SY Thompson

Science fiction and fantasy merge as this romantic adventure follows Commander R’cey Hawke, bounty hunter. R’cey hails from the technologically advanced Amalgam. Her mission to an archaic world is to apprehend a vicious criminal. What seems a simple retrieval goes…

Cover of Destination Alara

Book: Destination Alara

By SY Thompson

In the 24th Century technology has evolved but greed and war are constant. A rookie starship captain but a veteran of the recent Gothoan War, Vanessa Swann searches the outer rim of the galaxy for any sign of rebel activity….

Cover of Woeful Pines

Book: Woeful Pines

By SY Thompson

While undercover agent Emily Baptiste is investigating a rash of disappearances in rural Kentucky, she discovers something that strains the limits of credulity. The kidnapped are being hunted for sport. When she is also captured, Emily discovers an insane truth….

Cover of Under the Midnight Cloak

Book: Under the Midnight Cloak

By SY Thompson

Lee Grayson is a nature photographer whose father is a senator in New York. She’s never felt close to him and her faith in people as a whole is lacking. She moves to the town of Harmon deep in the…

Cover of Illusive Witness

Book: Illusive Witness

By SY Thompson

…was no accident. Repeated attempts on her life are made when a mobster believes she knows more about his criminal enterprises than she does. Riding to the rescue is U.S. Marshal Emma Blake, but after all the perfidy can Ruth…

Cover of Under Devil's Snare

Book: Under Devil's Snare

By SY Thompson

…to identify the instrument of so much suffering. Strains in relationships cloud their ability to see the whole picture. At the same time, U. S. Park Police Detective Patricia Hex shows up to help out but may soon become a…

Cover of Fractured Futures

Book: Fractured Futures

By SY Thompson

Detective Ronan Lee has just solved the crime of the century. Or, has she? The case of the copycat killer plunges her into an ancient mystery, but solving the murders raises questions about the world government’s true objectives. An unexpected…