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Cover of Lesbian Shorts

Book: Lesbian Shorts

By Sam Kestrel

…characters and flow into hot sexual encounters. They’re short, intriguing and hot!” From Volume 2, “I have been following Sam Kestrel and have read a few of her books now. She really knows how to heat up a story. Quick…

Cover of Guarded Hearts

Book: Guarded Hearts

By Sam Kestrel

…erotica, this story is not. If you like slow-burn and friends-to-lovers romance, women nearing forty and books that simultaneously make you cheer and your heart ache, then you’ll love Guarded Hearts from best-selling author Sam Kestrel. Order your copy today…

Cover of Lesbian Shorts 4

Book: Lesbian Shorts 4

By Sam Kestrel

This sexy series of standalone lesbian erotic short stories continues. In After the Party, two women meet on the ultimate frisbee pitch and hook up later, with their story continuing in Friends With Benefits; a woman leading horseback rides in…

Cover of Working From Home 5

Book: Working From Home 5

By Sam Kestrel

Jo Clark continues her business of giving women the sexual experience they desire. However, as time goes on, so do Jo’s doubts. She stumbles when one of her clients schedules a second visit, regains her footing, if only slightly, with…

Cover of Lesbian Shorts Volume 3

Book: Lesbian Shorts Volume 3

By Sam Kestrel

Ten steamy, erotic lesbian short stories. Each stands alone. Included in this edition: A bookstore has a secret sex room, two lovers spice up their sex life by pursuing each other for a day and having sex in the most…

Cover of Coming Out on the Field

Book: Coming Out on the Field

By Sam Kestrel

Dee needed to get out from under her controlling parents, even if only for a couple of hours a week. She signed up for softball, clueless to that fact that the Toaster Ovens was a team of out lesbians ten…

Cover of Lesbian Shorts Volume 2

Book: Lesbian Shorts Volume 2

By Sam Kestrel

Ten steamy, erotic lesbian short stories. Each stands alone. Ex-College roommates run into each other at the store; a woman is seduce by an older dyke at a dance; an employee and her boss get it on in the boss’s…

Cover of Working From Home

Book: Working From Home 1

By Sam Kestrel

Jo Clark was tired of her day job and knew her skills and passions lied elsewhere. So she started a business. If people asked, her goal was to inspire women to be fully themselves. What she did was give curious…

Cover of Working From Home 4

Book: Working From Home 4

By Sam Kestrel

Jo continues her business from her home, giving women a sexual experience with another woman if that’s what they want. But her business takes some twists and turns. A teenager shows up for an appointment, and Jo must decide what…

Cover of A Weekend Away

Book: A Weekend Away

By Sam Kestrel

Julie planned a weekend away from the city at a bed-and-breakfast. What she didn’t plan was for the owner of the bed-and-breakfast to be beautiful, sexy and lascivious….