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I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

Reading Challenge GraphicThe new year is on the horizon, and one of the biggest events on I Heart SapphFic will be the 2023 Reading Challenge.

This year there will be 100 categories spanning everything from genres and subgenres to character archetypes, settings, and more.

Here’s the schedule. Please note, each week there are 2 categories.

Week of January 9

Opposites Attract

Inked with a Kiss by Jennie Davids
One Shot at Love by Annette Mori
How to Get a Girlfriend (When You’re a Terrifying Monster) by Marie Cardno
Indiscretions by Barbara Winkes
A Quiet Life by Sienna Waters
True Nature by Jae
The Case Of The Night Mark by Arizona Tape
Heart of a Wolf by C. A. Hall
The Heart of a Heist by A.J. Marchant
Nurturing Hope by Kara Ripley
tautened by Adrian Page
Score to Love by Johana Gavez
Catching Feelings by Ana Hartnett Reichardt
Forever Love by Abigail Taylor
London, Actually by Clare Lydon
Open Heart by Ruby Scott
Western Shores by Lise Gold
On The Record by Raven J. Spencer
A Taste of Sin by Fiona Zedde
Dying Embers by Adrian J. Smith
Lady Killer by Cara Malone
Call to Me by Helena Harte
At First Glance by Melissa Tereze
Strum Me Hard by Renee Dahlia
Girlfriend Material by Katia Rose


BykeChic by L. Fergus
Cheerleaders from Planet X by Lyssa Chiavari
Children of the Stars by K. Aten
Destination Alara by SY Thompson
The Mountain Whispers by Ali Spooner
Drum up the Dawn by Kate Christie
Light From Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki
First Comes Marriage by Shannon M. Harris
Once Upon a Galactic Time by N.D. Shar and Natalie Debrabandere
The Master of Puppets by Molly J Bragg
Dancing in the Darkness by Lexa Luthor
Exiled Stars by Ash Gray
Deep Merge by Linda North
A Shadow In Love by Karen D. Badger
My Little Green Girlfriend by Kimberly Hart
Paladins of the Storm Lord by Barbra Ann Wright
Shattered by Lee Winter
Out of This World by Annette Mori
The Alien’s Zookeeper by Arizona Tape and Sky MacKinnon
Jawbreaker by Max Ellendale
Underworld Elements by Rachel Ford

Week of January 16

Reporter / Journalist

Dusty Road Home by Isabella
Vee: Volume 2 by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Almost Perfect by Tagan Shepard
Last Chance by Lily Seabrooke
Shadow of Magick by Lucy True
Defending Jessica by Benna Bos
Carved In Stone by Jen Silver
The Ladies’ Room by Kayt Peck
The Woman Who Pretended To Love Men by Anna Ferrara
The Stranger Within Me by Ruby Scott
In Step by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
No Thru Road by Linda M. Vogt
The Fire by Nicole Pyland
The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter
Fire & Ice by Rachel Spangler
Falling into Place by Sheryn Munir
White Houses by Amy Bloom
Unchained Memories by Dena Blake
Media Darling by Fiona Riley
Above the Law by Carsen Taite
Royal Exposé by Jenny Frame


Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones
A Touch of Truth by Nita Round
The Queen’s Lust by Ash Gray
The Unicorn Herd by Arizona Tape
Princess of Thermopylae by Belinda Harrison
Shadows Under the Shade by Wil Chan
Talyn: Descent by Benjamin Medrano
Covenant of Queens by Silvia Shaw
The Mating Call of the Teleporting Warbler by Aster Glenn Gray
Tengoku by Rae D. Magdon
The Fate of Stars by SD Simper
Someone Else’s Shoes by Aldrea Alien
Of Wulf and Wynd: Part 1 by Lexa Luthor
The Lowest Healer and the Highest Mage by Hiyodori
For Want of a Fiend by Barbara Ann Wright
De-Termination by Adrian J. Smith
The Firebrand Syndicate by Lucy True
The Salbine Sisters by Sarah Ettritch
The Road to Kalazad by K. L. Mitchell
Fury by Jen Lawrence

Week of January 23

Royalty / Aristocrat

Aurora’s Angel by Emily Noon
The Mystic Marriage by Heather Rose Jones
Without Words by Cameron Darrow
Glorious Day by Skye Kilaen
This Cursed Crown by Alexandria Overy
The Tell Tale by Clare Ashton
Fractures and Hinges by Edith Zeitlberger
Uncharted by Alli Temple
Princess of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews
The Royal Ring by Hannah Willow
The Pyramid Waltz by Barbara Ann Wright
When She Says Yes by Fiona Zedde
Making a Tinderbox by Emma Sterner-Radley
Snow White and Her Queen by Anna Ferrara
Once Upon A Princess by Clare and Harper
The Faerie Queen by Lucy True
The Secret & the Stone by Kirksey Baker
The Queen’s Curse by Natasja Hellenthal
Heart of Sherwood by Edale Lane
Moon Fire by Ash Gray

Supernatural Elements

The Calling by Kate Hershberger
Running from Forever by K. Aten
Aries 181 by Tiana Warner
Kissed the Mark by Lila Gwynn
Wind and Dreams by Linda North
The Atheist by Sarah Ettritch
Musings of a Madwoman by Jazzy Mitchell
Serving Justice by Sandy Olah
The Book Addict by Annette Mori
Lost & Found by Elle Hyden
Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Farmhand Desire by Riley Rose
Cursed Hearts by C. L. Cattano
Eritis Mea by Anna Ferrara
The Bad Girls by Aunt Georgia Lee
The Lady of Souls by Jenn Gott
Fur and Fangs by Nita Round
Eye of the Beholder by C H Clepitt
De-Termination by Adrian J. Smith
Diamond Rough by Serenity Snow
Dark Thermopylae by Belinda Harrison
The Curse of the Old Woods by Elizabeth Andre
The Gargoyle Gets A Girlfriend by Calandra Hunter
Shifter’s Truth by Arizona Tape and Laura Greenwood

Week of January 30

Butch / Femme

Changing Perspectives by Jen Silver
Love Trauma by Cara Malone
Breakthrough by Terri Cutshall
Where Love Leads by KC Luck
Maverick by Max Ellendale
Seconds Out by Ruby Scott
Stud Like Her by Fiona Zedde
Mailboat by Cade Haddock Strong
Rainbow Roses by Melinda Sequeira
Sweete & Sinn by Char Dafoe
Out on the Ice by Kelly Farmer
Out of Control by G.R. Browda
Tales from the Levee by Martha Miller
Flesh And Gold by Ann Aptaker
Let Me Be Yours by Lily X
Twice Upon A Train by K. A. Moll
After Sunset by Lise Gold
Masquerade by Madeleine Taylor
Nice Jewish Girls by Elizabeth Andre
Matzo Match by Roz Alexander
Betrayal by Rita Potter
Bourbon Chase by Alexi Venice
Faithful Valor by Isabella
The Littlest Werewolf by Erin Wade
By the List by Callie Hall
Strength of the Heart by Carrie L. Carr
Working From Home 5 by Sam Kestrel
The Fairy Queen of Elwenhal by Ash Gray

Space Ship / Space Station

Love and Duty by Catherine Young
Nero by Valden Bush
Hunting Astrid by Thea Landen
Laws of Attraction by L. J. Hachmeister
A Space Between by R.S. Haspiel
The Helion Band by AJ Mason
Save Her Heart by KC Luck
Finding Refuge by Victoria Janssen and Kalikoi
Widows of the Sun-Moon by Barbara Ann Wright
Touched By Starlight by Linda North
Safe Passage by Rachel Ford
Come to My Door by Lexa Luthor
Endurance by Elaine Burnes
The Alien’s Veterinarian by Arizona Tape and Skye MacKinnon
Ever The Hero by Darby Harn
Ardulum by J.S. Fields
Mail Order Bride by Molly J. Bragg
The Flaw In Logic by SY Thompson
Deus Ex Mechanic by Ryann Fletcher
Callisto 2.0 by Susan English
Once Upon A Lucky Star by N.D. Shar
The Light-Year Lion by Ash Gray

Week of February 6

Grumpy / Sunshine

The Big Uneasy by Amanda Radley
Christmas Cupid by Barbara Winkes
The Romance Recipe by Ruby Barrett
Deck the Halls by Caitlin Ryan
New Ink on Life by Jennie Davids
Under The Gun by Lori L. Lake
Game of Hearts by Jea Hawkins
Hooper Street by Anna Larner
Don’t Cry for Me by Rachel Lacey
A Bit of a Pickle by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Under Your Skin by Lee Winter
Chemistry by Rachael Sommers
Partners by Jae
The Ice Queen CEO by Emily Hayes
The Raven’s Price by C. A. Hall

Chef / Caterer / Baker / Foodie

Romancing The Dish by B.W. Hope
Venus & Aphrodite by Barbara Winkes
Lady Kisses by C. L. Cattano
One Step at a Time by Lily Seabrooke
City Spirit, Country Heart by Scarlett Knight
Sweet Tooth by C. A. Hall
Fall Into Me by Terri Cutshall
Queerly Beloved by Susie Dumond
Twice Shy by Aurora Rey
City Kitty and Country Mouse by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Coming Out by Jourdyn Kelly
Chef’s Kiss by Stephanie Shea
The Sweet Escape by Nicole Pyland
Cafe A’Moor by Elle Armstrong
The London Of Us by Clare Lydon
On the Square by Brenda Murphy
Mistaken Identity by Donna Jay
Calling Home by Jen Silver
Two Ways to Die by Erin Wade
Food Truck Baby by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Week of February 13

Secret Crush

Romancing Celia by Parker Love
Long Distance Coffee by Emma Sterner-Radley
Apt 103 by Stephanie Shea
A Coffee Shop Romance by Amber M. Kestner
Thinking About Her by Ophelia Alexander
The Next Life by By Lise Gold and Madeleine Taylor
Pride Festival by Nicole Pyland
Letters to Ariel by Callie Hall
All That Lies Within by Lynn Ames
This Used to Be Easier by Katia Rose
Schuss by E. J. Noyes
Mergers & Acquisitions by Amanda Radley
Changing Times by Jen Silver
An Art to Love by Helena Harte
Ashes to Ashes by Rachel Ford
The Goodmans by Clare Ashton
The Game Changer by Finley Chuva
Rules of the Road by K. Aten
Dorm Life, Dorm Love by Morgan Routh
The Bird in the Bush by Rachael McCormack
Submitting to the Hellhound by Serenity Snow
Hunter by Eliza Lentzski
Seducing My Best Friend’s MILF by Riley Rose
Lesbian Shorts Volume 3 by Sam Kestrel
Don’t Tell Me Twice by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Women’s Fiction

Wishbone by Elaine Burnes
Arribada by Estela González
My Education by Susan Choi
Thirsty Thursdays Elena Graf
Going Home by Judy Ramsook
Evergreen by Ruby Scott
Curtain Call by C H Clepitt
Unexpected Departure by Shannon O’Connor
Like a House on Fire by Lauren McBrayer
And Then I Met You by Erica Lee
A Foreign Affair by Linda M. Ford
Risking Her Heart by Lindsey Pennington
When the Stars Sang by Caren J. Werlinger
Such Crooked Wood by Kit Eyre
Choosing Yellowstone by Carol Anne Douglas
knotted by Adrian Page
Catboat Road by Kate Rounds

Week of February 20

Friends to Lovers

The Distance Between Us by Callie Hall
Forever Valentine by Jea Hawkins
Pas de Deux by MJ Duncan
Finding Home by Jamey Moody
Girls on the Run by Dorothy Rice Bennett
Beginner’s Bet by Fiona Riley
Nashville In Love by Jenn Bridges
A Perfect Mess by Sienna Waters
Come Dream with Me by Karen Klyne
Here You Go by Leigh Landry
Back in the Saddle by Ali Spooner
The Beginning of Everything by Cara Malone
Halcyon Nights by MJ Duncan
Game Time by Kate Christie
Skyclad by Max Ellendale
Body of Work by Charlotte Mills
Me Inside by Martha Miller
She’s Home by Abigail Taylor
Merchants of Milan by Edale Lane
Locked Inside by Annette Mori
The Ghost of Emily Tapper by Nita Round
Gold Fever by Lyn Denison
Thundering Pines by Rita Potter

Married or Established Couple

Grave Mistake by Eliza Lentzski
The Dark Winter by Elena Graf
All For Love by Jea Hawkins
The Rules of Parenthood by Cara Malone
Undertow by Jazzy Mitchell
Zero Chill by Carolyn Elizabeth
White Dragon by Regina Hanel
Nature of the Pack by Jae
The Raven and the Firebird by Cameron Darrow
All I Want For Autumn by Clare Lydon
Arms Wide Open by Donna Jay
Mirror by Max Ellendale
The Fiend Queen by Barbara Ann Wright
Turning for Home by Caren J. Werlinger
A Lover’s Mercy by Fiona Zedde
Mistletoe Mishap by Siri Caldwell
Broken and Weary by Adrian J. Smith
Chasing a Ghost by Jacqueline Ramsden
Greengage Shelf by Emma Sterner-Radley
Chaos in Milan by Edale Lane
The Reverse Healer Case Files by Hiyodori
Love’s Journey by Carrie L. Carr
Intrusions by Barbara Winkes
Prairie Fire by Kayt C. Peck

Week of February 27

Misfit / Socially Awkward

Cast Me Gently by Caren J. Werlinger
The Prince and her Dreamer by Ennis Rook Bashe
Insomnia Club by Emma Radley
The Final Rose by Eliza Lentzski
The Secret Sappho Society by C. L. Cattano
Reality Check by Nicole Pyland
Up on the Roof by A.L. Brooks
Flight SQA016 by Amanda Radley
Not in the Script by K. E. Morrison
Must Love Cat by DJ Krimmer
Dal Segno by Jax Meyer
The Past Should Stay Dead by Kim Harry
The Woman Who Tried To Be Normal Anna Ferrara
Learning To Flirt by Kallie Mont
Puppy Love by L.T. Smith
Juliet Takes A Breath by Gabby Rivera
Critical Hit by Em Stevens

Against the Odds

Cassethea of Mercia by Regina Hanel
The Purification by Michele L Coffman
Rising From the Ashes by Caren J. Werlinger
The Disappeared by Nicole Pyland
Black Port by Rachel Ford
The Cost of Commitment by Lynn Ames
Nothing Ever Ends by Darby Harn
They by Janet Mason
Sucker Punch by Kayla Faber
Accepting Refuge by Victoria Janssen
A Marine Awakening by Jax Meyer
Blood Honor by Isabella
Limbo by Barbara Valletto
Playing with Fire by Sue Graham
Nightshade by Fiona Zedde
Good Water by Kayt Peck
A Touch of Purple by Nita Round
Young and Old by Adrian J. Smith
Mind Games by Cara Malone
A Call To Justice by S.W. Andersen
Sparrow Song by Ash Gray
Complicated Heart by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
The King of Brimstone and Bones by Idella Breen

Week of March 6


Hope’s Path by Carrie L. Carr
Amanda’s Dragonfly by Alexi Venice
Love in the Time of Corona by Elena Graf
Longing In Nashville by Jenn Bridges
The Feel of Forever by Lyn Denison
A Dance Towards Forever by Alyson Root
Traumatic Love by Ellen Hoil
Beards by Serena J. Bishop
Halfway Home by Barbara Winkes
Damaged Goods by Eliza Lentzski
Collide by Stephanie Shea
The Fog of War by A. L. Lester
All the Love Songs by Nicole Pyland
Perfect Rhythm by Jae
The Love Doctor by S.W. Andersen
The Origins of Heartbreak by Cara Malone
The Artist’s Muse by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Hart & Stocker by Max Ellendale
Hungry for It by Fiona Zedde
In Her Arms by Melissa Tereze
Whatever It Takes by Callie Hall
Wolf at the Door by C. A. Hall
Taking a Chance on Love by Catherine Maiorisi
Wildling’s Claim by C. L. Cattano

Saving the World

Never Too Late for Heroes by A.L. Brooks
A Deeper Blue by Regina Hanel
The Portal by Caren J. Werlinger
Golden Sea by Emma Sterner-Radley
A Quantum Convergence by C. A. Farlow
Beyond Instinct by Lynn Ames
Above All, Human by Natalie Debrabandere
Mother of Souls by Heather Rose Jones
Unbroken Star by Alex Washoe
Song of Stars by Rae D. Magdon
A Touch of Rage by Nita Round
Inheritors of Chaos by Barbara Ann Wright
Death’s Champion by Karen Frost
The Unlocked Legacy by Lucy True
The Star Child by Ali Spooner
Ravished by My Robot Car by Riley Rose
Bone Walker by Idella Breen

Week of March 13

Age Gap

Skating on Air by Elizabeth Andre
Her Beautiful Liar by Alexa Woods
Detour to Love by Amanda Radley
Forever Home by Ali Spooner
Remote Control Orgasm by Riley Rose
Fighting Love by Abigail Taylor
Forever Yours by Melissa Tereze
Lost in Love by Emily Banting
The Bodyguard Affair by Anna Stone and Hildred Billings
Who I Believe by Jamey Moody
Heartstrings by Rachel Spangler
The Duet by Harper Bliss
Seduced by a Neighbor by Sam Kestrel
Don’t Call Me Hero by Eliza Lentzski
Taming the Wolf Knight by Ash Gray
Mending Defects by Lynn Galli
Love Walked into The Lantern by Nicole Pyland
Stone’s Homefront by Adrian J. Smith
Champagne Problems by Addison Clarke
Forget it by Claire Highton-Stevenson
Cheered by Caitlin Ryan
Coming Home by KJ
Return to Me by Fiona Zedde
Red Wine and Mint Cake by Alysia D Evans
The Shark by Cara Malone
The Warrior Within by Brooke Campbell


The Rules of Love by Cara Malone
Birds of a Feather by Laina Villeneuve
Delivering Generations by McGee Mathews
The Heartbeat of a Million Dreams by Halo Scot
Soul Unique by Gun Brooke
The Secret of Matterdale Hall by Marianne Ratcliffe
A Swedish Christmas Fairy Tale by Amanda Radley
Just a Touch Away by Jae
Love Burns Bright by Rien Gray
Improbable Heaven by J. P. Noether
A Masc for Purim by Roz Alexander
The Scout and the Scoundrel by Barbara Ann Wright
Sculpting Her Heart by Annette Mori
Compassionate Minds by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
How to Find a Princess by Alyssa Cole
Kat And Mouse by Jacquelyn Heat
The Words Shimmer by Jenn Matthews
Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant
Worthy of Love by Quinn Ivins
Joanie by Lucy Heart
Devon’s Island by SI Clarke
Wicked Sweet by Chelsea M. Cameron

Week of March 20

Actor / Performer

Different Dress by Lori L. Lake
Choices by Tessa Vidal
Behind The Scenes by Raven J. Spencer
Leaving L.A. by Kate Christie
Scandalous by Kim Hartfield
State of Grace by Addison Clarke
No More Secrets by Jamey Moody
Melt My Heart by Anna Cove
Love in Action by Frankie Duncan
It’s in Her Kiss by Rachel Lacey
Departure from the Script by Jae
Heartlines by Simonetta Pastorini
And Then She Kissed Me by Harper Bliss
And Playing the Role of Herself by K. E. Lane
Go Around by EJ Noyes
Breaking Character by Lee Winter
The 1,308 Days by Rachel Murphy
This Is My Body by Elena Graf
Finding Jessica Lambert by Clare Ashton
The Show Must Go On by Nicole Pyland
Turning Point by Lara Zielinsky

Adventure / Survival

Lee Shores by Rachel Ford
Illusive Witness by SY Thompson
Veiled Conspiracy by Michele L. Coffman
The Golden Trinity by Robyn Nyx
Silver Beasts by Emma Sterner-Radley
The Lie That Binds by S.E. Chandler
The Judgment of Valene by Darby Harn
The Sovereign of Psiere by K. Aten
Zamira Saliev by Valden Bush
Time’s Arrow by Ash Gray
Apophis by Eliza Lentzski
Winter Spell by Brenda Murphy
The Bee Charmer by Ali Spooner
Finding Faith by AC Adams
Birthright by L. Fergus
Sovereign by Arcadian Barrett
Caroline’s Heart by Serenity Snow
Diver Blues by Barbara Valletto
44 Hours by Donna Jay
Heart On Fire by C. A. Hall
Hunting Gold by Ann Aptaker
Survival by Rita Potter
The Others by Annette Mori
During the Storm by Scarlett Knight
Timed Romance by K’Anne Meinel
Sensual Tentacles by Riley Rose
Heart’s Content by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Week of March 27

First Love

Twice In A Lifetime by Clare Lydon
This Above All by Nicole Pyland
Loving Artemis by Janet Mason
The Price of Fame by Lynn Ames
Flight by Kate Christie
Love Out of Order by Ellie Spark
Midnight in Nashville by Ali Spooner
A Second Chance by Tessa Vidal
Winter Jacket by Eliza Lentzski
Getting Back by Cindy Rizzo
Playing Catch-Up by Zoey Lennox
The New Shore by Caren J. Werlinger
Say Yes to the Cheerleader by Abby Crofton
The Summer We’ve Had by Katherine Blakeman
Coming Out on the Field by Sam Kestrel
Take Two by Stephanie Shea
When We’re Meant to Be by Skye Von Triessen
The Upstream Fish by Rachael McCormack
Both Ends of the Whip by Brenda Murphy
What The Woof? by Lorna Grace
Sixteen Seconds by Elke Lakey
Head Over Tail by C. A. Hall
Seduced by My Robot Car by Riley Rose

Boat / Cruise Ship

The Mermaid Hypothesis by Siri Caldwell
Gator Girlz by Ali Spooner
The Cruise by Lise Gold
Viking Quest by Edale Lane
All at Sea by Cheyenne Blue
Lost at Sea by Amanda Radley
Full English by Rachel Spangler
Foolproof by Leigh Hays
Time of Day by Nicole Pyland
Within My Reach by Amy Blythe
The Mermaid, the Witch and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall
Beggars Flip by Benny Lawrence
Tomorrow’s Promise by Radclyffe
Sea Legs by KG MacGregor
Spindrift by Anna Burke
Ride the Wave by Natasha West
Green-eyed Monster by Gill McKnight
Unforgettable by Elle Spencer
Smooth Sailing by Susan X Meagher
Not Since You by Fiona Riley

Week of April 3

Fish Out of Water

Finding Love Down Under by Donna Jay
Lady of Stone by Barbara Ann Wright
A Perfect Fifth by Jaycie Morrison
Castle Wrath by Karin Kallmaker
The Glow Up by Cara Malone
Must Love Chickens by Jea Hawkins
A Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue
Changing the Script by Lee Winter
Made In London by Clare Lydon
Rook Takes Queen by Em Stevens
Shattered Hearts by Noelle Winters
An Island For Two by Ophelia Silk
Hidden Truths by Jae
Ready, Set, Bake by Sienna Waters
Fitting In by Amanda Radley
Sour Grapes by Eliza Lentzski
The Deal by Sabrina Blaum
Love Me for Me by Sarah Ettritch
A Very Public Eye by Lori L Lake
The Archer by K. Aten
Conscious Bias Alexi Venice
Greener Pastures by Aurora Rey

Danger / In Peril / On the Run

Remember Me by Noelle Winters
Shaken to the Core by Jae
The Mage and the Monster by Barbara Ann Wright
The Lost Temple of Psiere by K. Aten
Have Gun We’ll Travel by Lori K. Lake
A Butterfly’s Fire by Serenity Snow
Let Love Be Enough by Robyn Nyx
Ignis by KJ
Daedalus Detectives: The Tree of Life by S.A. Mossman
In the Attic by Jackie Calhoun
Better Think Twice by Sam Kestrel
The One to Walk Away by L. Dreamer
A Love to Stay For by Amy DeMeritt
The Santorini Setup by Becky Bohan
Protecting the Lady by Amanda Radley
Murder And Gold by Ann Aptaker
Fallen From Grace by Adrian J. Smith
Throw Me a Bone by Rachel Ford
Bus Stop at The Last Chance by Sue Hardesty
Chain Reaction by Cara Malone
Compound Interest by Annette Mori
Damaged by Kim Pritekel
Soul on Fire by Ali Spooner
Secret Sanctuary by Nance Sparks
Under the Midnight Cloak by SY Thompson
Destiny’s Bridge by Carrie L. Carr
Impressions by Barbara Winkes
G.I. Ho: Submitting to The Countess by Riley Rose

Week of April 10

Hot for Boss

Under Her Influence by Amanda Radley
A Whisper Of Solace by Milena McKay
It Started With A Kiss by Clare Lydon
Love Burns by Adrian J. Smith
Truth and Measure by Roslyn Sinclair
Under a Falling Star by Jae
Perks of Office by Liz Rain
Temptation by Kris Bryant
The CEO by Emily Hayes
Ask, Tell by EJ Noyes
Love in the Stacks by Cara Malone
Leveling Up by Jazzy Mitchell
New Lease Of Love by Arizona Tape
Chasing Liberty by Isabella
Fare Game by Cade Haddock Strong
Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett
Hot For Teacher by Emersyn Grey
Being Hers by Anna Stone
Menage a Trois by Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings
Fast Lane by Jennis Slaughter
The Block Party by Nicole Pyland
Angels in the Snow by Callie Hall
Lesbian Shorts Volume 2 by Sam Kestrel
Marry Christmas Nanny by Alexa Woods

Body Positivity

Tipping the Barrel by BA Tortuga
Time Will Tell by Sherryl Hancock
The Awkward Truth by Lee Winter
Heliacle Rising by C.C Davie
A Magick Dance by Jea Hawkins
Greengage Plots by Emma Radley
An Inappropriate Affair by Lyn Denison
Old School Lovin by Aunt Georgia Lee
Standby Counsel by Alexi Venice
Indigo: Three by Adrian J. Smith
Inside Fighter by Ruby Scott
Off the Menu by Alaina Erdell
A Shot of Absinthe by TJ Dallas
Sprinkled in the Stars by Violet Morley
Far From Thermopylae by Belinda Harrison
Lavender Femme, Violet Butch by M. N. Tinker
Party Wall by Cheyenne Blue
Wrong Number, Right Woman by Jae

Week of April 17


Moving On by Sage Donnell
Damage Control by Jae
The Life Coach by Sienna Waters
Watch Her Burn by Em Stevens
Threads of the Heart by Jeannie Levig
Meadowlark by Jea Hawkins
The Plan by Kim Pritekel
The Forever and The Now by KJ
A Game Of Two Hearts by Iona Kane
When Stars Align by Cara Malone
About Time by Adrian J. Smith
My Mimosa Pudica by Amy DeMeritt
Dream Lover by Lyn Denison
Kat’s Nine Lives by Laina Villeneuve
From Fan to Forever by Tiana Warner
On a Wing and a Chair by Louise McBain
Mrs Middleton by Melissa Tereze
Country Living by Jen Silver
Craving Cassie by Skye Rowan
Friends and Lovers by Lyn Denison
Jingle around the Block by Serena Kirsch
Secrets in a Small Town by Nicole Stiling
Blue Inferno by C. L. Cattano
Learning to Love Again by M. E. Tudor

Blue Collar

Glass and Stone by Renee Roman
Crossing the Pond by Sienna Waters
Looking for Trouble by Jess Lea
Hugs & Quiches by Candace Harper
Mechanics of Love by Meka James
Finding Faith by Kim Pritekel
Secrets Well Kept by Lynn Ames
The Contract by Raven J. Spencer
Chemistry Lessons by Jae
Original Sin by Barbara Winkes
Return to Paradise by Laina Villeneuve
Music from Stone by Brenda Murphy
What Memories Are Made Of by Diana Jayne and Donna Jay
A Widgie Knight by Mary D. Brooks
Wisdom by Jesse J. Thoma
The Number 94 Project by Cheyenne Blue
Flipped by Caitlin Ryan
Vee: Volume 1 by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Waiting For You by Anne Hagan
The Flood Between Us by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Week of April 24

Forced Proximity / Stranded Together

Secrets by Barbara Winkes
Focused On You by Callie Hall
Fairest by Cara Malone
Controlled Burn by Sherryl Hancock
Watching Henry by Sienna Waters
Every Rose by Lily Seabrooke
Let Go by Nicole Pyland
The Visitor by Angela McKenna
How to Excavate a Heart by Jake Maia Arlow
Stabscotch by Alexi Venice
Exposed by Raven J. Spencer
Enemies to Lovers by Aster Glenn Gray
A Window to Love by Annette Mori
Christmas, Pursued by a Bear by Ryann Fletcher
In The Event of Love by Courtney Kae
Lives Intertwined by Dorothy Rice Bennett
The Roommate Arrangement by Jae
Christmas at Winterbourne by Jen Silver
Try Me Again by Clare Lydon
Silver Threads by Lyn Denison
Kiss Shot by Carolyn Elizabeth
Valkyrie 101 by Arizona Tape
Snowed In with My Best Friend’s MILF by Riley Rose
The Heart of the Rodeo by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Speculative Fiction

The Papercutter by Cindy Rizzo
Pride and Pestilence by Nita Round
Arrival by Gun Brooke
Mistress of Chaos by Benjamin Medrano
In Between by Darby Harn
League of Lesbians: Lil by Jea Hawkins and Em Stevens
Boar’s Head Inn by JM Dragon
The Private Life of Jane Maxwell by Jenn Gott
A Flight in the Heavens by Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr
Safety Protocols for Human Holidays by Angel Martinez
Crushing on Cupid by Naomi Piper
Now Will Machines Hollow the Beast by Benjanun Sriduangkaew
In the Midst of Magic by Christian Cura
The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow
The Demon Equilibrium by Cathy Pegau
New Brighton by Helen Trevorrow
The Rarest Rose by I. Beacham
Eternal Love by Nived

Week of May 1

Second Chance

Get It Right by Skye Kilaen
You’re My Kind by Clare Lydon
One More Chance by C. A. Hall
Ten Days in May by Tracey Richardson
Hideaway by Rachel Lacey
Top of the World by Jodi Payne
Femme Like Her by Fiona Zedde
No One Compares to Her by Abigail Taylor
Outside the Lines by Kate Christie
Meant to Be by Jea Hawkins
Grounded by Amanda Radley
The Other Side of Forestlands Lake by Carolyn Elizabeth
The Amnesia Project by Barbara Winkes
Wild Seedling by Dawn K. Lake
Straight Girls Wanna Have Fun by S. E. Chandler
Latent Memories by Charlotte Mills
Southern Roots by Lise Gold
A Matter of Time by Lucy True
Love Through the Shadows by D. L. O’Neil
Anita by Max Ellendale
Show Off by Renee Dahlia
Slow Burn by Cara Malone
At Your Most Beautiful by Harper Bliss


The Watchtower of Rustoria by Ash Gray
The Termination by Annette Mori
A Time Before Now by Missouri Vaun
Blood Kindness by Arizona Tape
Burn by Lucy True
The Border Crosser by Cindy Rizzo
Until We Fall by Nicole Zelniker
Skywhisperers by Natasja Hellenthal
Queen by J.S. Fields
Tentacle Submission by Riley Rose
Enter the Upperground by S.E. Chandler
Prewrath and Rapture by TJ Dallas
Fractured Futures by SY Thompson
Rabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny Lawrence
The Procuress by Keira Michelle Telford
Waking the Dreamer by K. Aten
Dead Women Don’t Tell Tales by Adrian J Smith
Upheaval by Rita Potter
Darkness Falls by KC Luck

Week of May 8

Only One Bed

Love Forged by Nicole Pyland
Missed Connection by Stephanie Shea
Awakening Souls by Angie K. Love
A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon
Straight Girls Trip by S. E. Chandler
Calling the Shots by Kelly Farmer
Live This Love by Jamey Moody
The Wrong Date by Sienna Waters
To Boldly Go by Em Stevens
The Art of Growing by Jacqueline Ramsden
The Love Project
Indigo: Nights by Adrian J. Smith
Truly Wanted by JJ Hale
All’s Fair in Love & Vegas by Shannon O’Connor and M Leigh Morhaime
The Light in You by Lisa Elliot
Love For The Holidays by Arizona Tape
Relic by Anne Hagan
Under the Sitka Sky by Violet Morley
Errant Volume 2 by L. K. Fleet

Spy / Assassin

In the Shadow of the Past by J.E. Leak
The Noble and the Nightingale by Barbara Ann Wright
Born to Be Mine by Lexa Luthor
Love Kills Twice by Rien Gray
The Organization by Annette Mori and Erin O’Reilly
I Spy by Noelle Winters
Keep Her Safe by Claire Highton-Stevenson
As Long As Love Lasts by Jea Hawkins
Everything Is Better With A Cape by C H Clepitt
Stockholm Syndrome
Above Reproach by Lynn Ames
Warm Pearls and Paper Cranes by E. V. Bancroft
Waiting for the Violins by Justine Saracen
In The Blood of the Greeks by Mary D. Brooks
Once in Berlin by Jo Havens
Colours of Dawn by Cameron Darrow
Cybernetic Sex by Riley Rose
Second Nature by Jae

Week of May 15

Slow Burn

Love Unleashed by Callie Hall
Falling Hard by Jae
Hot London Nights by Clare Lydon
Chasing Dreams by A. L. Brooks
Atramentum by MJ Duncan
The Road to You by Harper Bliss
Cowgirl by Nance Sparks
Electric Love by Shannon O’Connor
Disconnected by Annette Mori
Scoop by Eva Reddy
Scripted Love by Helena Harte
Diagnosis Love by Ruby Scott
Finding Susan by Katie Mettner
Kick Back by KJ
Meeting over Murder by Edale Lane
Sirens and Syphons by Nita Round
Seeing Red by Cara Malone
Tinted Chapstick by Alexi Venice
The Wild One by Lyn Denison
Finding a Keeper by Nicole Pyland
Chasing Life by Abigail Taylor
I Dare You To Love Me by Lori G. Matthews

Nonbinary / Gender Fluid

A Theory of Love by Kate Christie
Make You Mine This Christmas by Lizzie Huxley-Jones
A Queer Summer Night in Cowtown by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Shadows of Fortune by F.K. Sewell
Foxfire in the Snow by J.S. Fields
Love Bleeds Deep by Rien Gray
A Little Christmas Magic by Jacqueline Ramsden
The Comeback by Alex Washoe
Acting the Part by Z.R. Ellor
Radio Silence by Cara Malone
Clover Highhill Comes Home by Ennis Rook Bashe
She Who Brought the Storm by Vaela Denarr and Micah Iannandrea
Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Sorceress Seduction by Riley Rose
The Unicorn, The Mystery by Janet Mason
A Place to Call Home by Jae
Till Darkness Comes by Sandra de Helen

Week of May 22


Joy for Julie by Elizabeth Andre
Arc Over Time by Jen Silver
American Yakuza II by Isabella
Teased By My Hot Butch Neighbor by K. J. Drake
The Good Girl by Madeleine Taylor
Daring Truth by Adrian J. Smith
Guarded Desires by Anna Stone
Lockset by Brenda Murphy
Life Drawing by Suzanne Clay
Into the Fire by Cynthia Dane
Whimsical Princess by Tiffany E. Taylor
New Girl on the Street by Donna Jay
Play by Nikki Markham
A Discovery of BDSM by Koriana Brackson
Dominance of the Heart by Char Dafoe
Mine by Kim Hartfield
Sweet Taste of Sin by Suze Snow
Tell Me What You Want by Johana Gavez
Protecting Her Heart by C. A. Hall
Submitting to My Robot Car by Riley Rose
Essential Selene by Ash Gray
The Doc by Natalie Debrabandere

Computers / IT / Hacker

Heart of a Killer by Yolanda Wallace
The Wait Is Over by Nicole Pyland
A Woman to Die For by Erin Wade
Solstice by Kate Christie
Managed by Chance by Amy DeMeritt
You Again by Aurora Rey
Injured on New Year’s by Daisy Landish
Eight Dates by Lori L. Lake
When Angels Fall by Sherryl Hancock
I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse by C H Clepitt
Misfit Christmas by Anne Hagan
The Bird in the Bush Book 2 by Rachael McCormack
The Circle Dance by Jen Silver
Dating My Robot Car by Riley Rose
A Spark in the Air by Dena Blake
Christmas With You by Emily Hayes
To Be With You by TJ O’Shea
Technically Faking by Robin Hale
On a LARP by Stefani Deoul
Ransom to Love by Chloe Keto

Week of May 29

Starting Over

A Taste Of Love by Clare Lydon
She Keeps Me Warm by Abigail Taylor
Sativa Strain by Alexi Venice
Stepping Out by Lori L. Lake
Broken Chains by Siobhan Muir
Running From Love by Jen Silver
Nine Nights on the Windy Tree by Martha Miller
Light My Fire by Anna Cove
The Unexpected Dream by Nicole Pyland
Second Chances by MJ Duncan
Oblique by Adrian J. Smith
Pivot by Anna Pulley
On the Ropes by Ruby Scott
Ticket to Love by Donna Jay
Begin Again…Again by Addison Clarke
First Comes Love by Frankie Duncan
Northern Lights by Lise Gold
Alphas by Huckleberry Rahr
Puppy Love by Cara Malone
Second Chances by Amanda Radley
Amy’s Rest by S R Silcox
Getting There by Lyn Denison
Killer Instinct by Barbara Winkes
The Last Memory by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue


Neither Present Time by Caren J. Werlinger
Basic Training of the Heart by Jaycie Morrison
Wings of Time by R.S. Haspiel
Berlin Hungers by Justine Saracen
Eyes on the Stars by Lynn Ames
Worth a Fortune by Sam Ledel
The Storyteller by Jea Hawkins
In the Shadow of Love by J.E. Leak
Lies of Omission by Elena Graf
Snow Moon Rising by Lori L. Lake
Destiny’s Choice by Karen Frost
Cowgirl Up by Ali Spooner
A Marine’s Conflict by Jax Meyer & Elle Armstrong
The Only Game in Town by Geonn Cannon
In the Company of Women by Kate Christie
Broken Women by Anne Hagan
Forever Faithful by Isabella
End of War in Thermopylae by Belinda Harrison
Handfasting the Warrior Queen by Ash Gray

Week of June 5

Brothel / Sex Club

Enthralled in her Design by Jolie Dvorak
The Club Revisited by A. L. Brooks
Ensnared Hearts by Anna Stone
Her Fantasy by Emily Hayes
The Madam’s Lover by Serenity Snow
Last Night at the Fremont by S.A. Mossman
Complex Dimensions by Brenda Murphy
Becoming by Jourdyn Kelly
Welcome to the Cardinal by TJ Dallas
Bliss by Fiona Zedde
May I Call You Mistress by Ruby Scott
Pleasure Workers by Annette Mori
A Perfect Dream by Raven J. Spencer
Black Cherry by L. M. Bennett

Found Family

Secondhand Origin Stories by Lee Brontide
Year of the Monsoon by Caren J. Werlinger
The Bright Side by Lucy Bexley
Broken to Belong by Charity Muse
Letters I’ll Never Send by Nicole Zelniker
Silver Moon by Catherine Lundoff
Six Strings and a Dream by Ali Spooner
Louder Than Words by Lisa Elliot
If I Told You by Avery Easton
Northern Vows by Lise Gold
The Kitchen Sink Sutra Patti Murphy
Great Bones by Great Bones
Chainsaw Heart by Kiernan Kelly
No One But You by Catherine Maiorisi
Indigo: Law by Adrian J. Smith
Forever in Nashville by Jenn Bridges
Her Lady’s Fortune by Renee Dahlia
Floodtide by Heather Rose Jones
Pax Victoria by Cameron Darrow
Project Mothership by Ash Gray
A Fan to Remember by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Week of June 12

Sex Toys

All I Want Forever by Clare Lydon
The Executive Liaison by Anna Stone and Hildred Billings
Willow by Raven J. Spencer
Corporate Lines by Donna Jay
Checking the Right Box by Nicole Pyland
The Bartender’s Pride by TJ Dallas
Working for the CEO by Emily Hayes
The Trophy Wives Club by Ali Spooner
Online by Madeleine Taylor
The Club by A. L. Brooks
Figure Study by Suzanne Clay
No Strings by Lucy Bexley
Wicked Fem by Edie Marr
Drift by Simonetta Pastorini
Disciplined By My Hot Butch Neighbor by K. J. Drake
Tempted By Dr. Oh by Suze Snow
G.I. Ho: A Real American Sex Toy by Riley Rose
Elemental Exposure by Koriana Brackson
Heroes by Serena J. Bishop
Party Favors by Erin McLellan
Dead Pretty by Robyn Nyx
The Wicked Stepsisters Fun Games by Rose Black

Seaside / Beach

#SandyBottom by Alexi Venice
Bittersweet Homecoming by Eliza Lentzski
A Marine Discovery by Jax Meyer
Write Your Own Script by A.L. Brooks
Spring Trip by Sage Donnell
A Curious Woman by Jess Lea
Summer People by Elena Graf
French Summer by Lise Gold
Borrowed Hearts by Jenn Bridges
A New Beginning in Coventry Beach by Darlene Duncan
Face the Wind by Caren J. Werlinger
Winter Jacket: All In by Eliza Lentzski
Begin Again by Nicole Pyland
Confronting Darkness by C. L. Cattano
Earth Angel by Siri Caldwell
The Playlist by Nat Christo
Moon Over St. Augustine by Renn Loraine
Seventy by Lynn Lauria
Ice Crypt by Tiana Warner
Proudly San Diego by Sabrina Kane
Faith’s Crossing by Carrie L. Carr
Forbidden Tentacles by Riley Rose
Leaving L.A. by Kate Christie

Week of June 19

Toaster Oven / Gay For You

Lily’s Fire by Lise Gold
Falling Gracefully by Cara Malone
Fire, Water, and Rock by Alaina Erdell
Looking Through Windows by Caren J. Werlinger
Threads of the Heart by Jeannie Levig
Second Chances by Eliza Lentzski
Spectrum by MJ Duncan
The Road Ahead by Amanda Radley
Macon’s Heart by Nicole Pyland
Dreams Found by Lyn Denison
Something in the Wine by Jae
Instead of Happy by Jamey Moody
First Love by Abigail Taylor
Love Trauma by Ruby Scott
V.A.M.P.: Serena & Katerina by Kimberly A. Todd
Beyond the Blue by TJ O’Shea
Coming Home by Teresa Purkis
Nights at the Majestic by Kit Eyre
Shay’s Gamble by Amber Perez
Something About You by Jea Hawkins
Valerie by Kit Eyre
Please Be My Love by Arizona Tape
Camping With a Coworker by Sam Kestrel
The Other Side of Leaving by Jacqueline Ramsden

Adventurer / Explorer / World Traveler

The Lady Adventurers Club by Karen Frost
True North by Ali Spooner
Between Boat & Shore by Rhiannon Grant
The Flowers of Time by A. L. Lester
High Side by Julia Talbot
Stop and Go by Elizabeth Andre
Villains by K. L. Mitchell
Indigo: Storm by Adrian J. Smith
Turn Again To Life by A. Zukowski
Leveled by Serena J. Bishop
The Kiva and The Mosque by Kayt Peck
A Kingdom Lost by Barbara Ann Wright
Blood Curse by Rachel Ford
Destiny by Cara Malone
Her Lady’s Honor by Renee Dahlia
Dark Justice by Erin Wade
Laia Rios: Sex Raider: The Lust Idol by Riley Rose
The Fireworks by Nicole Pyland

Week of June 26

Cheating / Infidelity

Jamie’s Story by Kim Harry
The Touch of Her Voice by Sara Scott
Date Night by Eliza Lentzski
Sarah by Morgan Routh
Filthy Money by Lissa Brown
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Half In by Felice Cohen
Highland Fling by Anna Larner
A Family Affair by Harper Bliss
Miles Apart by A.L. Brooks
Because You Can by Leigh Landry
Not Sorry by Ann Tonnell
But By Degrees by Kit Eyre
Admissible Affair by Adrian J. Smith
Better Now Than Forever by Shelley Tan
Shattered Paradise by C. L. Cattano
Magnetic Reverie by Nico J. Genes
Lesbian Shorts 1 by Sam Kestrel
The Light of Lythara by Ash Gray
Path Forward by Nicole Pyland

Adoption / Surrogacy / Infertility / Pregnancy

Still the One by Lindsey Pennington
Fire of Wrath by C. L. Cattano
Return to Paradise by Laina Villeneuve
Rekindled by Erica Lee
Encore Performance by Kim Pritekel
Deuce by Jen Silver
Epsilon by Huckleberry Rahr
Rise & Converge by S.E. Chandler
The Milk of Human Kindness by Lori L. Lake
Finding Family by Jamey Moody
Starting From Scratch by Georgia Beers
The Past and the Present by Kayt C. Peck
No After You by Nicole Pyland
Miracles by Serena J. Bishop
Along Came the Rain by Alison R. Solomon
Ashes Fall by Adrian J. Smith
Labor of Love by Cara Malone
Red Mist and Solace by Alysia D Evans
The Ker At Thermopylae by Belinda Harrison
The No Kiss Contract by Nan Campbell
Trails Of The Heart by Ruby Scott
Infractions by Barbara Winkes
To Hold Forever by Carrie L. Carr

Week of July 3

Dark Romance

The Wicked and the Willing by Lianyu Tan
Into Darkness by Elena Abbott
Every Dark Desire by Fiona Zedde
Slaying Dragons by McGee Mathews
Point Two by Max Ellendale
Behind The Green Curtain by Riley LaShea
After Shadow by Kim Pritekel
Play To Kiss by Arizona Tape
Marmalade Martini by Julie Forester
The Woman Who Made Me Feel Strange by Anna Ferrara
The Blood We Spill by Jo Havens
Requiem for Immortals by Lee Winter
American Yakuza by Isabella
Surrender Your Heart by Raven J. Spencer
Twisted Images by Blair Sterne
Progress by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Dorm Damnation by Aria Storm
Quarterling by Natasja Hellenthal
Strange Attractors by Ana K. Wrenn
No One Else Could Heal Her by Hiyodori

Bi or Pansexual

Show Up by Renee Dahlia
Climbing the Ladder by Amanda Radley
Hard Pressed by Aurora Rey
Tilting at Windmills by Geonn Cannon
All the Right Wrong Reasons by Jacqueline Ramsden
Living by Lise Gold
Loving Olivia by Geneva Vand
Lost in Paradise by Rachel Lacey
Butterflies in Paris by Shannon O’Connor
Seasons of Love by Harper Bliss
Nothing To Lose by Clare Lydon
The Woman at the Top of the Stairs by Jamey Moody
The Chase by Sabrina Blaum
Serendipity by Kris Bryant
Purposefully Accidental by G Benson
Two of a Kind
Dress-tease by Jae
Dark Horse by A. L. Brooks
Lady in Waiting by Jea Hawkins
Sing the Blues by Leigh Landry
You Matter by Jazzy Mitchell
Turn for Home by Lara Zielinsky
Even Fairy Godmothers Need Help by Chloe Keto

Week of July 10

Long-Distance Relationship

The Moments by Nicole Pyland
Sunscreen & Coconuts by Eliza Lentzski
A Game of Hearts by Callie Hall
My Gift to You by Abigail Taylor
Eastern Nights by Lise Gold
Bright Lights of Summer by Lynn Ames
Stealing A Thief’s Heart by C. L. Cattano
Lady Hawthorne by Alexi Venice

Coming of Age

Memoir in the Making by Adrian J. Smith
Kissing Practice by Jordan Meadows
Crush by S. R. Silcox
When I’m With You by Monica McCallan
A Brief History of Longing by Jea Hawkins
The Perfect Fit by Erica Lee
Highland Whirl by Anna Larner
Falling Blindly by Abigail Taylor
Mabel and Everything After by Hannah Safren
This Time of Year by Jea Hawkins
Death by Society by Sierra Elmore
Making the Rounds by Patricia Grayhall
Reaction Time by Emily O’Beirne
Exception to the Rule by Cindy Rizzo
Caught Inside by Lynnette Beers
The Artemis Adventure by Dorothy Rice Bennett
Changing Majors by Ana Hartnett Reichardt
Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens by Tanya Boteju
Live Forever, Love Forever by Annette Mori
Diamond Dreams by Ali Spooner
Say Yes to the Soccer Player by Abby Crofton
Training Ground by Kate Christie
For All Time by Lyn Denison
Project Crush by Arizona Tape
One With the Pack by C. A. Hall
The Suns of Anarchy by Ash Gray

Week of July 17


The Ada Decades by Paula Martinac
Tea Leaves by Janet Mason
Passionate Impropriety by R.S. Haspiel
Fearless by Erin O’Reilly
Prohibited Passion by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Gay Pride and Prejudice by Kate Christie
Observations on the Danger of Female Curiosity by Suzanne Moss
Break Point by Yolanda Wallace
The Black Knight and The Lady by JM Dragon
Her Lady’s Melody by Renee Dahlia
The Inconvenient Heiress by Jane Walsh
Where Shadows Linger by Mary D. Brooks
Somewhere Between Love and Justice by S.W. Andersen
Tarnished Gold by Ann Aptaker
Wolf Killer by C H Clepitt
Walks with Spirits by Edale Lane
The Fires of Winter by Cameron Darrow
Outback Future by K’Anne Meinel
Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo

Kidnapping / Disappearance

Huntress by Amanda Radley
Notes On Parental Estrangement by Anna Ferrara
Terminal Event by Ali Spooner
Razor’s Edge by Isabella
The Ghost of East Texas by Ali Spooner
The Lesbian And The Homophobic President by Judy Ramsook
Moving Violations by McGee Mathews
Janie One More Time by Jenn Gott
The Sagittarius by K. Aten
A Bittersweet Garden by Caren J. Werlinger
Illusions by Barbara Winkes
Mardi Gras Ghost by Erin Wade
Bloodlines by Shireen Magedin
Under Devil’s Snare by SY Thompson
Questioning Love by Amy Storm
The Missing Comatose Woman by Sarah Ettritch
Pride and the Stranger by TJ Dallas
G.I. Ho: Courting The Countess by Riley Rose
The Desk Job by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Cyprian the Fair by C. L. Cattano
Capturing Tess by Anna Stone

Week of July 24

Vacation / Travel

Fireflies by Lise Gold
The Rules of Engagement by Cara Malone
The Holiday Trap by Roan Parrish
Who Am I by Diana Jayne and Donna Jay
Veritas by MJ Duncan
Surrender To Me by Raven J. Spencer
Fenced-In Felix by Cheyenne Blue
Fighting for Eve by Jourdyn Kelly
The Found Jar by Jaycie Morrison
Come Away with Me by Rachel Lacey
Whitewater Awakening by Rita Potter
Seduction for Beginners by Jae
Modern English by Rachel Spangler
Roadblocks by D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey
The Woman in 3B by Eliza Lentzski
Diving In by Sage Donnell
Red Bush and Lemon by Alysia D Evans
A Light on Altered Land by Becky Bohan
The Outlaw’s Enigma by C.A. Clemmings
Tourist Trap by Kim Katil
Surrender Forever by Raven J. Spencer
Her Christmas Escape by Frankie Duncan and Jo Cox
Perilous Passages by Edale Lane
Exit Strategy by Barbara Winkes
Cruisin’ with My Best Friend’s MILF by Riley Rose
A Weekend Away by Sam Kestrel
All I Want For Spring by Clare Lydon

Xmas in July

Greengage Holiday Cheer by Emma Radley
A Sweetwater Christmas by Anne Hagan
A Flight to Love by Frankie Fyre
Snowed Inn with Madelyn by Chelsea M. Cameron
Crimson Yuletide by Rachel Ford
Picture-Perfect Christmas by Charlotte Greene
Love Beneath the Christmas Tree by Jae
Christmas In Mistletoe by Clare Lydon
Home For Christmas by A.J. Marchant
It Takes A Miracle by Jamey Moody
Bells Will Be Ringing by Barbara Winkes
Surfacing Again by A. L. Lester
Operation: Secret Santa by MJ Duncan
Saving Summer’s Santa by Elle Armstrong
Joy by Cara Malone
The Christmas Inheritance by Addison Clarke
Always Allie by Melissa Tereze
Christmas Culinary Magic by Morgan Routh
Seashells and Sleigh Bells by Jennie Davids
The Christmas Committee by Lily Seabrooke
From That Day… by Jade Winters
New Year’s Resolutions by Sage Donnell
Far From Home by Callie Hall

Week of July 31

Ice Queen

Tea Leaves & Tourniquets by Sienna Waters
The Goode Governor by JJ Arias
Gun Shy by Lori L. Lake
Paper Love by Jae
The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair
The Ultimate Betrayal by Annette Mori
Invisible, as Music by Caren J. Werlinger
Cursed by Edie Marr
Not Your Average Love Spell by Barbara Ann Wright
Eira by Adrian J. Smith
Of Light And Love by E.V. Bancroft
The Red Files by Lee Winter
The Chevalier and Her Lady by Cat Delaroche
Soul Burn by Brenda Murphy and Megan Hart
Thick as Thieves by Cara Malone and Anna Cove
Mouth to Mouth by Cara Malone
A Touch of Ice by Nita Round
Healing of the Heart by Ruby Scott
Humbug by Amanda Radley
Keeping Hope by Kim Pritekel
Rabbit by Max Ellendale
Ashlin & Olivia by Aster Glenn Gray

Asexual / Demisexual

Rising from Ash by Jax Meyer
The Hounding by Sandra de Helen
Suite Secrets by R.D. DeLisle
The Valentine’s Gift by Sage Donnell
Inquisitor’s Bane by Rachel Ford
Fluid Bonding by Sienna Eggler
The Language of Roses by Heather Rose Jones
Baker Thief by Claudie Arseneault
It’s Always Been You by Elin Annalise
The Scorpion by Gerri Hill
The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz
Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss
The Grimrose Girls by Laura Pohl
Eight Kinky Nights by Xan West

Week of August 7

Romance: Comedy

Reading Her by Amanda Radley
Straight Girls I’ve Loved Before by S. E. Chandler
The Devil Wears Tartan by Katia Rose
#CassiNova by Lori G. Matthews
Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail by Ashley Herring Blake
Finding Love by Abigail Taylor
Count On You by Sienna Waters
Rhymes with Couple by Sabrina Kane
Ice Cream Wars by Emma Sterner-Radley and Amanda Radley
Destination Bedding by Allison Temple
A Girl Named Harley by Rachael McCormack
Island Time by Georgia Clark
It’s Always Been You by Elin Annalise
All I Want For Summer by Clare Lydon
The Four Legs of Fate by D. J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey
Lucky in Love by Cara Malone
Love Most Likely by Elizabeth Andre
This Is the Season to Make You Mine by Johana Gavez

Steam Punk / Gaslamp Fantasy

A Matter of Blood by Lucy True
Tinderbox Under Winter Stars by Emma Sterner-Radley
All Manner of Hats by Elva Birch
Seance and Sensibility by Nita Round
Whispers of the Ice by Jenn Gott
Daunting Dilemmas by Edale Lane
The Magistrate by Keira Michelle Telford
The Thieves of Nottica by Ash Gray
Demon in the Machine by Lise MacTague
Murder On The Titania by Alex Acks
The Beast at the Door by Althea Blue
Romancing the Inventor by Gail Carriger
Alice Payne Arrives by Kate Heartfield
Dr. Todson’s Home for Incorrigible Women by Riley LaShea

Week of August 14

Romance After 50

Bring Holly Home by Amanda Radley
Starting Over by Jen Silver
Count Me In by Renee Dahlia
Embracing the Dawn by Jeannie Levig
Chain Reactions by Lynn Ames
Where Secrets Are Safe by Jamey Moody
You Can’t Outrun Your Roots by McGee Mathews
Everybody Needs a Hero by KC Luck
North Coast by Dorothy Rice Bennett
Artist Free Zone by Annette Mori
Evolution by MJ Duncan
A Breathless Place by Harper Bliss
Forgive Not Forget by Emily Banting
For the Love of Life by Sue Graham
Right Time For Love by Elizabeth Andre
High October by Elena Graf
46 by Lynn Ames
Let It Snow by Emily Hayes
She Sings of Old, Unhappy, Far-off Things by Caren J. Werlinger
Better Late Than Forever by Shelley Tan
The Hum of Bees by Patricia Spencer
Fox on the Run by C. A. Hall
A Brief Debacle by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
The Meet Cute Café by Nicole Pyland

Mystery / Suspense

Jackpot by Cade Haddock Strong
Fragmented by Eliza Lentzski
Amber Alert by Barbara Winkes
Honor in Control by G.R. Browda
The Illustrious Client by Sandra de Helen
Going Under by Maryn Scott
Now You See Me by S.Y. Thompson
Deception by Stella Grey
Securing Ava by Anne Shade
Whispering Wildwood by Emma Sterner-Radley
Love’s Portrait by Anna Larner
A Lost Love by Jennis Slaughter
Can I Trust Her by Frances Lucas
Fertile Betrayal by Becky Bohan
The Truck Comes on Thursday by Sue Hardwsty
A Million to One by Adiba Jaigirdar
Miss Timmins’ School for Girls by Nayana Currimbhoy
Criminal Gold by Ann Aptaker
Entanglement by Max Ellendale
Lifelines by Shireen Magedin
For By Grace by Adrian J. Smith
Fresh Start by Nicole Pyland
Retirement Plan by Martha Miller
Sequestered by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Reach Past the Shadows by D. L. O’Neil

Week of August 21

Love At First Sight

To Love Again by Callie Hall
Catch by Kris Bryant
Midnight Tradition by Nicole Pyland
Death Before Dessert by Amanda Radley
With One Look by Jamey Moody
Cure for Insomnia by Laina Villeneuve
Heartsong by Lynn Ames
Snow White and Her Queen 2 by Anna Ferrara
Finding the One by Lindsey Pennington
Love Is Enough by Cindy Rizzo
Big London Dreams by Clare Lydon
The Delicate Things We Make by Milena McKay
Whimsical Haven by Tiffany E. Taylor
Aspiring Affection by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Romance: Erotic / Erotica

The Lesbian Billionaires Club by KC Luck
Negative Exposure by Koriana Brackson
The People we Trust by Donna Jay
Insatiable Appetites by Fiona Zedde
Unbridled by D. Jackson Leigh
Harem by Raven J. Spencer
Knotted Legacy by Brenda Murphy
Not Guilty by Brit Ryder and Kris Bryant
Blue by Lise Gold
Hers to Keep by Anna Stone
Caught Up and Strapped Up by Aunt Georgia Lee
Impact by Nikki Markham
Painting Class by Suzanne Clay
Light My Candles by Roz Alexander
She’s My Wildfire by Suze Snow
Give Me Thorns by Elizabeth Andre
Submitting to My Neighbor the Witch by Riley Rose
Working From Home 1 by Sam Kestrel
Seduced by a Catgirl by Cat Delaroche
The Wicked Stepsisters Orgy by Rose Black

Week of August 28

Nursed Back to Health

One Little Yes by Jamey Moody
Osprey Calling by Ellen Hoil
In This Small Spot by Caren J. Werlinger
Connection by Kim Pritekel
Dirt Nap by Carolyn Elizabeth
Trail Magic by Cara Malone
Caring for Amelia by Eva Reddy
The Startling Inaccuracy of the First Impression by Amanda Radley
Broken Beyond Repair by Emily Banting
Tangle by Em Stevens
Keep Tahoe Blue by Nicole Pyland
Crash Dance by Elle Armstrong
Embracing the Moon by Jeannie Levig
Exceeding Expectations by McGee Mathews
Ricochet in Time by Lori L. Lake
Broken Not Shattered by Rita Potter
As You Look by Verónica Gutiérrez
One ~ Love by Lynn Ames
Dreams by Serena J. Bishop
Footprints by Ali Spooner
Heart Failure by Chris Zett
Pride’s Humility by TJ Dallas
Witch’s Lesson by Arizona Tape and Laura Greenwood
Wolf of Mine by C. A. Hall
Incidents by Barbara Winkes


Alone & Lonely by Adrian J. Smith
Shimmer & Other Stories by Lori L. Lake
Pack Mentality by Idella Breen
The Long Weekend by Clare Lydon
Must Love Silence by Lucy Bexley
The Veracity of Lies by Anna Woiwood
Perfect Fake Match by Alexa Woods
Part of Her Plan by Catherine Peace
A Second Chance by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Not My Problem by Ciara Smyth
Artist’s Dream by Gerri Hill
Untamed by Glennon Doyle
Roller Coaster by Karin Kallmaker
Getting Clean with Stevie Green by Swan Huntley

Week of September 4

Disguised as a Man

Backwards to Oregon by Jae
The Devil Between Us by S.C. Wilson
A Pinch of Salt by Nita Round
Lie With Me by Patricia Spencer
Promises in Pompeii by Violet Morley
Heart of Gold by L. Dreamer
The Coronet by F.K. Sewell
The Imperative of Desire by Elena Graf
Keeping Secrets by McGee Mathews
Blackpoint by Kate Hershberger
Lancelot: Her Story by Carol Anne Douglas
Daring Duplicity by Edale Lane
Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
Barbed Wire by Erin Wade
Dear Miss Cushman by Paula Martinac
Queen and Bandit by Geonn Cannon
Fixing Fate by Jenn Gott
Sword Of The Guardian by Molly Shannon
Reflected Passion by Erica Lawson

Romantic Suspense

Just One Mistake by Jade Winters
Whimsical Angel by Tiffany E. Taylor
The Schuyler House by Cade Haddock Strong
Next of Kin by Jae
Secrets & Rivalry by C. L. Cattano
Timing Is Everything by Alison R. Solomon
Profile by Jackie D
Insinuations by Barbara Winkes
The Table Between Us by Erin Wade
Payback by Charlotte Mills
Caroline’s Choice by Serenity Snow
The Headmistress by Milena McKay
Winner by Harley Slate
Love Another Day by Regina Hanel
The Fabergé Egg by Mia Kazi
The Review by Annette Mori
Investigating Helen by Benna Bos
Sleeping on Couches by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Unexpected Entanglements by Angela K. Crandall

Week of September 11

Taboo / Forbidden

Stone’s Mistake by Adrian J. Smith
American Superstar by Shay Paris
Another Stupid Love Song
Change Of Heart by Clare Lydon
Conflict of Interest by Jae
Winter Jacket: New Beginnings by Eliza Lentzski
Darcy Comes Home by Jen Silver
Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner
Strong Force by René Roberts
Occasions of Sin by Elena Graf
Three’s a Crowd by Kate Gavin
Sister Matthew and Sister Rose by Carol Anne Douglas
Tempting My Best Friend’s MILF by Riley Rose
Awakening Hearts by Angie K. Love
House of Fate by Barbara Ann Wright
Fixer Upper by Cara Malone
The Straight Girl That Got Away by S. E. Chandler
An Unlit Candle by Caren J. Werlinger
Blackmailed By My Gorgeous Stepmother by Judy Ramsook
Rise of the Rain Queen by Fiona Zedde
The Amaranthine Law by Gun Brooke
Never-Tied Nora by Cheyenne Blue
Vengeance by Barbara Winkes
Starting Again by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Urban Fantasy

Beware by Adrian J. Smith
The Wolf You Feed by Reba Birmingham
Hall of Mirrors by Cameron Darrow
Cold Blood by Genevieve McCluer
Cold As Hell by Neen Cohen
The Dream Catcher by Annette Mori
Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair? by Jenn Gott
My Dream Woman by C H Clepitt
Wolf Healer by Huckleberry Rahr
Valkyrie’s Oath by Arizona Tape
Keepers of the Cave by Gerri Hill
Black Water Sister by Zen Cho
Smoketown by Tenea D. Johnson
Borage by Gill McKnight
Blood Of The Pack by Jenny Frame
Spinning Tales by Brey Willows
The Sea by KL Hughes
Spark & Change by Kellum Jeffries
Screaming Down Splitsville by Kayla Bashe
Magic In Her Touch by Kate McLay

Week of September 18

Femme / Femme

She’ll Steal Your Heart by Rachel Lacey
Wynter by Cailee Francis
Night Flower by Hildred Billings
Whispering Oaks by Stephanie Shea
Hot Keys by R.E. Ward
Above all Things by Roslyn Sinclair
Moon Over Old Hollywood by Renn Loraine
Honey in the Marrow by Emily Waters
Guava Flavored Lies by JJ Arias
About That Kiss by Harper Bliss
Funeral of A Good Girl by Cyan LeBlanc
Duo Act by Lainee Ash
If We Meet Again The Choice by Nicole Spencer-Skillen
Geraldine by Morgan Routh
Alone by E. J. Noyes
Tessellate by Simonetta Pastorini
A Little Bit of Spice by Georgia Beers
Heart’s Blood (3) by Jenn Gott
Love Where You Work by Anna Pulley
Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Vampire Embrace by Riley Rose
Poppy Jenkins by Clare Ashton
Too Late… I Love You by Kiki Archer


Kepler-186f by Rachel Ford
The Tempest by JM Dragon
The Harvest by Ash Gray
A Quantum Singularity by C. A. Farlow
Medusa’s Touch by Emily L. Byrne
Strangely Familiar by Ruby Scott
The Alien’s Farmer by Arizona Tape and Skye MacKinnon
I, Volcano by Eule Grey
Transistor by Molly J. Bragg
If I Were A Weapon by Skye Kilaen
Remember Me, Synthetica by K. Aten
Taijiku by Elizabeth Andre
Disobedience Means Death by Sarah Ettritch
Once Upon A Stellar Oath by N.D. SHAR and Natalie Debrabandere
Children of the Healer by Barbara Ann Wright
Posterity by Jess Newton

Week of September 25

Living Abroad

Velvet in Venice by Karin Kallmaker
Once in Sweden by Emma Radley
Reclaiming Love by Amanda Radley
The Scent of Rome by Lise Gold
No Strings Attached by Harper Bliss
Plain English by Rachel Spangler
Heartlines by Simonetta Pastorini
The Stepmother by Melissa Tereze
Worth the Risk by Callie Hall
Not Only One Bed by by Sienna Waters
Feeders and Bleeders by Idella Breen
Frenzied Love by C. L. Cattano


Unbroken by Alli Temple
Free To Love by Annette Mori and Ali Spooner
Pirates of Aletharia by Britney Jackson
The Raven and the Banshee by Carolyn Elizabeth
Distant Horizons by F. K. Sewel
All Your Storms and Ships Called She by Geonn Cannon
A Hint of Hope by Nita Round
Ghost Walk by Kay Solo
Thieving Women Always Lose by Adrian J. Smith
Siren’s Song by Sharon F Kay
Shell Game by Benny Lawrence
Escape to Pirate Island by Niamh Murphy
The Pirate And Her Captive by Victoria Vo
A Pirate’s Heart by Catherine Friend
A Clash of Steel by C.B. Lee
Red Kate by Sarah Tighe-Ford
The Sublime And Spirited Voyage Of Original Sin by Colette Moody
Branded Ann by Merry Shannon

Week of October 2


Not the Marrying Kind by Jae
The Rules of Love by Lily Seabrooke
Destination You by J.J. Arias
Only for the Summer by Shannon O’Connor
Then & Now by Monica McCallan
Badgered by Alex Washoe
I Always Will by Jacqueline Ramsden
Almost-Married Moni by Cheyenne Blue
The Best Lines by Nicole Pyland
The 30-Day Engagement by Waverly Decker
An Alaskan Wedding by Nance Sparks
Matters of the Heart by Catherine Maiorisi
All up in Knots by Rosie Williams
Winter Jacket: Finding Home by Eliza Lentzski
Enchanted By Her by Chelsea M. Cameron
To Italy with Love by Fiona Zedde
To be the Bride by Callie Hall


Embracing Forever by K. Aten
Black-Bloods and Vampire Keepers by Amy DeMeritt
Desire at Dawn by Fiona Zedde
Blood Memory by Sandra Barret
Good Enough to Eat by Jae & Alison Grey
Unbound Adrian J. Smith
Gone Was the Glow by Sienna Eggler
Venandi by KC Luck
Falling for the Fugitive by Lila Gwynn
Woeful Pines by S.Y. Thompson
Blood Bounty by Elena Abbott
The Cure by Kate Hershberger
Don’t Dare the Devil by Erin Wade
Taken By The Vampire Femme by M.N. Tinker
Blood Bound by Idella Breen
V.A.M.P.: Bloodlines by Kimberly A. Todd
The Consciousness by Claire Highton-Stevenson
Last Human by Arizona Tape
The Midnight Hunt by L.L. Raand
Just My Type by Lucy Bexley and Bryce Oakley
Submitting to My Neighbor the Vampire by Riley Rose

Week of October 9

Mental Illness

Love on Commission by Caitlin Ryan
Change Of Plans by KJ
Awakened by Cara Malone
The Face Of It by Rosie Williams
A Heart to Call Home by Jeannie Levig
In the Mirror by Lise Gold and Madeleine Taylor
Someday, Maybe by Addison Clarke
Captivated by Annette Mori
unraveled by Adrian Page
The Disappearance of Lindy James by Catherine Maiorisi
Before She Left by Alison R. Solomon
Indigo: Blues by Adrian J. Smith
Safe Haven by Ellen Hoil
Broken by Ami Spencer
Four Point by Max Ellendale
Criminal by Proxy by S.E. Smyth
A Place To Call Home by Callie Hall
Blood Eternal by Idella Breen
Traditorè by C. L. Cattano


The Tattered Lands by Barbara Ann Wright
Forever Burn by Adrian J. Smith
Queens of Ruin by Brenda Murphy
The Valkyrie’s Daughter by Tiana Warner
Bone Traders by Rachel Ford
The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco
Cupid is a Cat by Lise Gold
A Charmed Life by Jea Hawkins
Remember, November by Cameron Darrow
A Prisoner to Spring by Brigid Collins
A Hellhound for Halloween by Calandra Hunter
Art Of Magic by KJ
Endless Quest by S. Y. Thompson
Fire Control by Elva Birch
Scatter by Molly J. Bragg
The Knight of the Wild by Ash Gray
Errant Volume 1 by L. K. Fleet
The Oleander Sword by Tasha Suri
Lines of Love by Brey Willows
Lost and Found by Nita Round
A Poison Apple by C H Clepitt
Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark by Karen Frost
The Gift of Your Love by Ennis Rook Bashe
The Soul of WBVR by Elizabeth Andre
Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Sorceress Seduction by Riley Rose

Week of October 16

Workplace / Office Romance

The Right Fit by Nicole Pyland
Working Summer by Sage Donnell
Sentiment to the Heart by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
A Belief In Her by Barbara Valletto
The Perfect Match by Milena McKay
A Cut Above by Cara Malone
Gallows Humor by Carolyn Elizabeth
Testimony by Paula Martinac
Up Against Her by Lisa Elliot
When Love Wins by Sherryl Hancock
The Child Riddler by Angela Greenman
V.A.M.P.: Born by Kimberly A. Todd
Angel’s Touch by Siri Caldwell
The Perfect Blend by Teresa Purkis
False Starts & Artichoke Hearts by Sofi Keren
Beyond the Skyline by Lise Gold
Trust by Aprille Canniff
Mercy by Max Ellendale
Lost and Forsaken by Adrian J. Smith
An Unusual Year by Mia Kazi
French Kissing: Season One by Harper Bliss
Incisions by Barbara Winkes
Heist by MJ Duncan
Trouble In Hades by Arizona Tape
Sleepless Nights by Iona Kane

Werewolf / Shifter

Winter Wolf by C. A. Hall
Stalk Her Much by Aunt Georgia Lee
Under the Moon by Tiffany E. Taylor
Her Wolf in the Wild by Rien Gray
Her Rival Dragon Mate by Arizona Tape
Dark Justice: God’s Canyon by Erin Wade
The Madam Never Surrenders by Serenity Snow
Seduced by a Werewolf by Cat Delaroche
Blood Moon by Catherine Lundoff
Cougar Woods by Tiana Warner
Submitting to My Neighbor the Werewolf by Riley Rose
The Tower by Kirke Vincent
The Heir by Kate Hershberger
Aurora’s Angel by Emily Noon
Elemental Attraction by K. Aten
The Taste of Winter by Geneva Vand
Underdogs by Geonn Cannon
Manhattan Moon by Jae
The Power of Mercy by Fiona Zedde
Pack of Her Own by Elena Abbott
In The Company of Wolves by Sienna Eggler
Lover Eternal by Idella Breen
Bastet’s Daughters: Unknown Peace by Scott Kujawa
Winter’s Moons by Lise MacTague

Week of October 23

Escort / Courtesan / Sex worker

Once a Month by Nicole Pyland
You, Me, U.S. by Brigitte Bautista
Trouble in Paradise by Annette Mori & Ali Spooner
The Gift by Raven J. Spencer
The Secrets we Keep by Donna Jay
Lie to Me by Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings
Hot Line by Alison Grey
Tangled Vows by Anna Stone
Need by Lily Hardt
Cowboys and Kisses by Karin Kallmaker
Coffee Breaks by Eva Reddy
Beyond the Trail by Jae
Sum of the Whole by Brenda Murphy
A Jade’s Diamond by Char Dafoe
House of Agnes by Fiona Zedde
Justice Won by Kim Pritekel
Thirteen Hours by Meghan O’Brien


Share the Moon by Toni Logan
Ghost Tour by Sue Still
The Wraith by Arielle Strauss Brueland
Muses by Elizabeth Andre
The Ghosts of Grimshire Castle by C. L. Cattano
Evermore by Elle Hyden
Miserere by Caren J. Werlinger
How to Get a Girlfriend When You’re Dead by Angela McKenna
Banshee and You by Cam Alabastor
These Fleeting Shadows by Kate Alice Marshall
No Bones About It by Rachel Ford
Chasing Shadows by Lila Bruce
Seance and Sensibility by Nita Round
Coils by Barbara Ann Wright
Awake in the Night by Shauna Mc Eleney
Out of Time by Paula Martinac
Unwilling Killer by Brenda Murphy
Georgetown Glen by Annette Mori
The Gift by Kim Pritekel
The Curse of Doll Island by Ocean
Hobcow Point by Taylor Rickard

Week of October 30

Waitstaff / Barista / Bartender

Tempted By Her by Chelsea M. Cameron
Fresh Start by Encarnita Round
Heart Strings Attached by Annette Mori
Going Up by Amanda Radley
The Best Time by Sienna Waters
After Summer by SR Silcox
The Perfect Blend by Avery Warren
Bring Me Home by Roz Alexander
Betting on Love by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Heart Trouble by Jae
Melting Into Your Arms by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Howl by Lucy Bexley
For the Long Run by Cheyenne Blue
Contract for Love by Alison Grey
A Vote for Love by Jea Hawkins
Taking Liberty by Kim Pritekel
When Life Gives You Oranges by Arizona Tape
Lucky to be Yours by Shannon O’Connor

Witches / Wizards

The Wish Demon by Serenity Snow
Graveyard Sparrow by Ennis Rook Bashe and Kayla Bashe
Unbeliever by Karin Kallmaker
Midnight Magic by Cameron Darrow
Moonlight Love and Witchcraft By Vaela Denarr and Micah Iannnandrea
An Unlikely Partnership by Katie Trapp
The Trinket by Erin Wade
Rise by Barbara Winkes
The Wicked Stepsisters Play by Rose Black
I Think of You Often by Sienna Eggler
The Book Witch by Annette Mori
Wicked Girls by Kinsey Leigh and Cara Malone
All My Hexes by Leigh Landry
A Witch’s Pearl by Adrian J. Smith
The Well of Shadows by Sabrina Blaum
Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory by Barbara Ann Wright
Coven be Charmed by Caitlin Ryan
Submitting to My Girlfriend the Witch by Riley Rose
A Garden Dream by Jea Hawkins
A Touch of Darkness by Nita Round
Waking Beauty by Dawn K. Lake
The Cupid Conundrum by Lucy True
Hearth and Home by Ash Gray
Unrestricted Magic by Idella Breen

Week of November 6

CEO / Executive

Avery Awakened by Chloe Peterson
The Girlfriend Arrangement by Anna Stone
Keep Holly Close by Amanda Radley
Escorted by Renee Roman
A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon
Hotel Queens by Lee Winter
Lost Treasures by Jazzy Mitchell
Fore Play by Julie Cannon
Show Queen by Renee Dahlia
The CEO by Emily Hayes
The Woman Who Climbed A Mountain by Jamey Moody
One More Chance by Tiffany E. Taylor
Bringing Me Dreams by KG MacGregor
Behind Her Eyes by Melissa Tereze
Blind Suspicion by Stacy Lynn Miller
A Prairie Love by Jea Hawkins
Acts of Contrition by Elena Graf
Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers
Life Pushes you Along by Emma Radley
Trust in Truth by Emily Banting
Redemption by Barbara Winkes
Ready for Love by Catherine Maiorisi
The Perfect View by Nicole Pyland

Murder / Crime / Serial Killer

Genuine Gold by Ann Aptaker
The Value of Valor by Lynn Ames
Better Think Twice by Sam Kestrel
A Cutting Deceit by Cathy Dunnell
Everlong by Barbara Valletto
Devoted by Alison R. Solomon
Champagne & Thongs Take Control by G.R. Browda
Skull and Crossbones by Rachel Ford
Solanum by Max Ellendale
Graffiti Red Murder by Alexi Venice
Poker Face by Noelle Winters
Infatuations by Barbara Winkes
The Reaper by Rae Scott
In the Flesh by H K Carlton
Taking the Long Road Home by Sue Hardesty
In Harm’s Way by EJ Kindred
Widow by Martha Miller
Witches & Whisky by Wendy Hewlett
Grace Through Redemption by Adrian J. Smith
Branded Wives by Erin Wade
Buyer’s Remorse by Lori L. Lake
Dark Skies by Cara Malone
Skimming around Murder by Edale Lane
All Good Plans by Nicole Pyland

Week of November 13

Menage / Polyamory

Copper Throne by Emma Sterner-Radley
Forever Theirs by Anna Stone
Release by Adrian J. Smith
Tangle of Five by Donna Jay
Corbyn Black by L. J. Hachmeister
Three To Tango by Raven J. Spencer
Rub on Her by Emily Alter
Natural Exposure by Koriana Brackson
Menage a L’amour by Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings
Thornfruit by Felicia Davin
Embracing Refuge by Victoria Janssen
Darkness of Desire by Ruby Scott
Midnight at the Orpheus by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Double Six by Brenda Murphy
Lust Hunters by Riley Rose
A Touch of Fire by Nita Round
The Wicked Stepsisters Return by Rose Black
The Side Hustle by Sam Kestrel
The Dragon of Edhen by Ash Gray


Rooting for You by Roz Alexander
Burn It Down by K. Aten
Checking It Twice by Lucy Bexley
Down to A Science by Haley Cass
Pining & Loving by Emma Radley
Love on the Run by Ellie Spark
Always More by Nicole Pyland
Hot For Teacher by Aunt Georgia Lee
Simply Connected by Alex Washoe
Don’t Let Go by Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings
Diving Into the Turn by Carrie L. Carr
Dare to Love by A.L. Brooks
Dancing It Out by Lisa Elliot
Before You Say I Do by Clare Lydon
Welcome to Paradise by Lise Gold
The Woman I Found In Me by Jamey Moody
Better Before Than Forever by Shelley Tan
A Straight Married Woman’s First Lesbian Encounter by Judy Ramsook
Clio Rising by Paula Martinac
Naughty Lesbian Sleepover by Suze Snow
The Hummingbird Sanctuary by Erin Zak
Finding A Voice by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Week of November 20

Character with Disability

That Distant Dream by Laurel Beckley
Courting Light by A. Zukowski
What the Heart Sees by KC Luck
Mermaid by Max Ellendale
Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori
Higher by Roz Alexander
Beyond Any Experience by Anne E. Terpstra
Worth the Wait by Jae
A Wish Upon a Star by Jeannie Levig
Around the World by Nicole Pyland
Passion Marked by Ophelia Silk
The Planck Paradox by TJ Dallas
The Consequences of Falling by DDale
Broken by Kayt Peck
After Summer Ends by Katie Mettner
Out of the Ashes by Rita Potter
A Warrior For Her by Brooke Campbell
Steel City Confidential by Anne Hagan
Strands by Elena Graf
Roll With Me by Elizabeth Andre
Learning to Howl by C. A. Hall
Sowers of Discord by C. L. Cattano


Black Queen by Serenity Snow
The Revenge Plot by Sienna Waters
Final Cut by Lynn Ames
Soul Awakened by Idella Breen
Pulse Points by Barbara Valletto
A Sister’s Wish by Jennis Slaughter
The Seductress Trap by Jac Sherry
Cigar Barons by Isabella
The Restless Dark by Erica Waters
A Game of Hearts and Heists by Ruby Roe
Fair Game by Charlotte Mills
Sweet Sweet Revenge by Lyn Denison
Working From Home 3 by Sam Kestrel
The Revenge of Raven’s Cross by Ash Gray
The Price of Payback by S. W. Andersen

Week of November 27

Love Triangle

Love By Design by S.W. Andersen
Puppy Love by Sage Donnell
Like Lovers Do by Lori L. Lake
All I Want For Christmas by Clare Lydon
Wildrose by Max Ellendale and R.M. Bruce
The Destiny Factor by Erin Wade
Full Circle by DDale
Calling Her Home by S.E. Chandler
Cat’s Meow by Cara Malone
Watching Cars Go By by DJ Fronimos and Elke Lakey
Swann Song by Kim Pritekel
Just Tell Her by Nicole Pyland
Into Thin Air by Jeannie Levig
The Rector’s Wedding by Elena Graf
Wax and Wane by L. M. Bennett
Beyond the Lights by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
1049 Club by Kim Pritekel
Bodies in Motion by Elizabeth Andre
Cause & Effect by Cyan LeBlanc
Daughter of Fire: The Darkness Rising by Karen Frost
Pleasure and Spice by Fiona Zedde
Wolf’s Whisper by Arizona Tape
Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Succubus Seduction by Riley Rose
The Infinite Athenaeum by Ash Gray

Athlete / Coach

Symphony in Blue by MJ Duncan
Beautiful Game by Kate Christie
Hat Trick by Ali Spooner and K. L. Gallagher
Switchback by S.W. Andersen
Code of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue
On the Fence by Cade Haddock Strong
A Shot at Gold by Nicole Pyland
The Long Shot by A.L. Brooks
Driven by Susanne M. Beck and T. Novan
Body Check by JJ Arias
Catch and Cradle by Katia Rose
Fire on Ice by Jea Hawkins
Can’t Fight Love by KC Luck
Match to Love by Johana Gavez
Landing Love by Elizabeth Andre
Hot Response by Ruby Scott
Dragon Outcast by Arizona Tape
Volleyball Vixens by Riley Rose
Painted Over by Sofi Keren
Game Changers by Jane Cuthbertson
Unexpected Goals by Kelly Farmer

Week of December 4

Fake Relationship / Marriage of Convenience

Reindeer Games by Finley Chuva
Faux Pas by Lily Seabrooke
A Heart to Trust by A.L. Brooks
Never Mine by Bryce Oakley
Just for Show by Jae
Just Might Work by Katia Rose
Match on Loan by Alexa Woods
Gamed by Caitlin Ryan
Champagne Kisses by MJ Duncan
The Set Piece by Catherine Lane
A Girlfriend For Christmas by Barbara Winkes
For the Love of Christmas by A.J. Marchant
Always Faithful by Isabella
Errant Volume 3 by L. K. Fleet
If You Only Knew by Jea Hawkins
The Fashion Faux Pas by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Love Charade by Allie McDermid
Love & Other Natural Disasters by Misa Sugiura
Far From Home by Lorelie Brown
Vacation People by Cheri Ritz
The Bigger Picture by Violet Morley


Captive in the Underworld by Lianyu Tan
The Fletcher by K. Aten
Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner
Sigrid and Elyn by Edale Lane
Squire Derel by Rachel Ford
Wrath, War, and the Woe Trumpets by TJ Dallas
An Enemy by Autumn by Brigid Collins
A Touch Of Wrath by Arizona Tape
Interview with a Lesbian Sasquatch by Ocean
Turbulent Waves by Ali Vali
Bestiary by K-Ming Chang
Sweet Paladin by Alex Washoe
Sealkeeper by MM Jobbins
The Standing Stones by Caren J. Werlinger
Seduced by a Selkie by Cat Delaroche
Sappho in Violet and Gray by K. A. Masters
Vision of Virtue by Brey Willows
The Pyramid and the Painting by Kayt Peck
Value in Visions by Ali Williams
The Price on Her Head by Suzanne Clay
Sleeping Dogs by A. L. Lester
Esper and the Witch by Issy Waldrom
Chosen for Thermopylae by Belinda Harrison
Inspiration Takes A Vacation by Annette Mori
Laia Rios: Sex Raider: Captured by the Amazons by Riley Rose

Week of December 11

No Strings Attached

Crescent City Confidential by Aurora Rey
Just Physical by Jae
No Rings Attached by Rachel Lacey
Night & Day by Lily Seabrooke
The Rules of Forever by Nan Campbell
One Way or Another by A.L. Brooks
Tusked by Caitlin Ryan
The Probability of Love by Dena Blake
The Flaw in Our Design by Monica McCallan
Lovebirds by Cara Malone
The Promise by Tessa Vidal
Love Is For Later by Arizona Tape
Reflections by Donna Jay
The Last to Leave by Erica Lee
Seduced by a Weretigress by Cat Delaroche
Not My Father’s Daughter by D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey
Bookends by Brenda Murphy
Betting the Farm by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Constitution Check by Katherine McIntyre
Riding the Storm by Erin Wade
The Panty Thief by Annette Mori
The Little Red Barn by Dorothy Rice Bennett
The Misperception by Nicole Pyland
If It’s Meant to Be by Skye Von Triessen
Liaison in the Park by Sam Kestrel
The Mermaids of Menosea by Ash Gray

Time Travel

Over The Crescent Moon by Karen D. Badger
Mary, Everything by Cassandra Yorke
The Time Slip Girl by Elizabeth Andre
The Bureau of Holiday Affairs by Andi Marquette
Threaded Through Time by Sarah Ettritch
A Quantum Uncertainty by C. A. Farlow
Lilith’s Sword by Brenda Murphy
Five Kisses at Midnight by Abby Crofton
Sexy Time Cop by Riley Rose
Ninja Assassin by Victoria Rush
This Time by S.W. Andersen
Thunder Edge by Sandra Leigh Gable
Sweet Paladin by Alex Washoe
Zora’s Stone by Ash Gray

Week of December 18


The Great Christmas Tree Mystery by Jamey Moody
Christmas Mouse by Rachel Spangler
The Christmas Ball by Lily Seabrooke
The Christmas Catch by Clare Lydon
Mistletoe and Ivy by Jacqueline Ramsden
Destination Christmas, Next Stop Love by Barbara Winkes
Comfort and Joy by Karin Kallmaker
I Saw Mommy Kissing the Nanny by Shannon O’Connor
New Year in Murder by Edale Lane
Christmas in Heaven by Lise Gold
Make the Yuletide Gay by Ivy L. James
A Very Whimsy Christmas by Tiffany E. Taylor
Santa’s Favorite by Madeleine Taylor
Special Delivery by Sue Still
Surrender And Joy by Raven J. Spencer
Collie Jolly by Leigh Landry
Christmas Cakes and Kisses by Anne Hagan
Who Stole Santa’s Squeakers by Elle Armstrong
New Year Revelations by Zoey Lennox
Snow Falls by Sage Donnell
Twice Upon a Christmastime by Addison Clarke
Silver and Slay by Char Dafoe


Cowgirl 101 by Laina Villeneuve
The Writing on the Wall by Nicole Pyland
Curtain Call by Kim Pritekel
Lancelot and Guinevere by Carol Anne Douglas
Heart’s Orders by Jaycie Morrison
Not-So-Straight Sue by Cheyenne Blue
Dashing All the Way by S. R. Silcox
Chrome Painted Heart by B.W. Hope
Back in the Saddle by Toni Draper
Obscured by Charlotte Mills
The Beast That Never Was by Caren J. Werlinger
Vanessa: A Mrs Middleton Novel by Melissa Tereze
Cold Blooded Lover by Eliza Lentzski
Ghosted Christmas Past by Bryce Oakley
Ice Kingdom by Tiana Warner
London Calling by Clare Lydon
Southbound and Down by K.B. Draper
Avalanche by Stephanie Shea
Letting Go by Claire Highton-Stevenson
Promise is a Promise by Mary D. Brooks

A Final Word About the Schedule

Scheduling nearly 2,000 books in 100 categories was a massive undertaking, and to make sure everything remained balanced, sometimes we had to get creative. As a result, we may not have chosen the most obvious category for your book. Books in a series might not be featured in numerical order throughout the year. We might have scheduled you for a week when you’ll be on vacation. If you are no longer able to participate, we can remove your book upon request. However, we can only move books to a new category if we’ve truly made a mistake on our end with a category that doesn’t apply in any way.

We did our best, but if one of your books wasn’t included in the challenge and you see a spot where it would fit, let us know. We want to stress this option is only available for a book that is not already on the schedule, and only if the requested category has room. Some of the categories are packed and additions simply cannot be accommodated to be fair to the other authors.

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