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One Size Doesn’t Fit All, Authors Getting Rec’d, Reading Challenge, & More!

Dear Authors, the new year has arrived whether you were ready or not.

TB’s not a fan of January and all the “what are you going to accomplish this year” chatter, hence her post today about authors doing what’s right for them.

At IHS Headquarters, we’ve launched the 2023 Reading Challenge and some other features. We’ll share more below.

Let’s get to this week’s news!

Authors’ Favorite Scenes Anthology

We’re putting together a Book Funnel anthology where authors can share the favorite scene you’ve ever written. This will include a short introduction that’ll allow you to share why it’s your favorite, and at the end you’ll be able to include a small bio with website and newsletter signup links. In about a week, we’ll send out the formal invite with all the details, so please don’t email us now with your scene or questions. Wait for the announcement. But we know that choosing a favorite scenes can be like choosing a favorite child, so we wanted to give you advance notice to put your thinking cap on.

All About the Books GraphicAll About the Books 

We’re always looking for more ways to help authors promote their new releases. Late last year we introduced All About the Books and we’ve heard from readers that they’re really enjoying them. From the stats behind the scenes, some of the most popular ones are getting more than 200 views! We promote them on the website, social media, and in the IHS email.

If you have a new release that’s less than 60 days old and you haven’t filled out the form, you can do that right here. It’s a fun and engaging way to win over readers.

Author Rec'd Newsletter Square GraphicAuthors Getting Rec’d

We don’t know about you, but we’re naturally inquisitive peeps. We’re dying to know what’s on your nightstand (in a thoroughly non-creepy kind of way). Our newest feature, Authors Getting Rec’d, will allow authors to recommend a favorite “5-star” book by any other SapphFic author (yes, you can use this opportunity to boost a friend, or to fangirl over someone famous). We’ll also give you an opportunity to mention one of your own books when we share it with readers, and will include your short bio, website link, and newsletter signup. Be one of the first to be featured by filling out this form today!

Submit a sale or freebie book graphicFree & Sale Books

In the Friday & Saturday editions of the newsletter, we like to offer a freebie to readers. (Whether permafree or using Amazon free days, the offer needs to be available on Amazon). It’s a great way to hook readers into a series, your backlist, or if you’re launching a new book. Put an older book up for free and have the buy link for your new release in the back matter.

On Saturday, we have a section for book deals. If you have a book on sale and it’ll be running over a Saturday, let us know so we can help promote it for you for free. There is one simple form that applies to both sale or free books, and we’re always open for new submissions. Remember, there’s no cost for this listing!

Joint Sales

We’re going over the numbers from the 4 big sales we organized in 2022 to see what worked and what strategies we might want to change in 2023, including time of year and price points offered. Watch this space for your 2023 Joint Sale announcements soon!

I Heart Sapphfic's 2023 Reading Challenge graphic2023 Reading Challenge 

As we mentioned in the intro, we’ve kicked off the challenge this year, which is bigger and better than before! Instead of one category each week, there’ll be two, 100 in total. Also, we’ve expanded the way authors can get involved. In addition to putting your book on sale, you can post a trivia question and giveaway in the IHS reader Facebook group, and/or join the IHS weekly ebook giveaways that correspond to the challenges of the week.

To find out more about how you can get involved this year, click here.


Writing Wisdom

TB can be pretty stubborn and when told to do something a certain way, more than likely she won’t.

In her post this week, she talks about how authors should do what’s right for them, even if it means not following the advice of “real” authors.

Check it out here.

Adrian's Easy Grammar GraphicAdrian J. Smith is a writer and editor who has a not-so-secret love of grammar.

Today’s grammar tip covers COMMA SPLICE–Coordinating Conjunction. Just copying and pasting that made TB’s eyes glaze over.

Check it out here.

Guest PostIn today’s expert guest post, sapphic author Tiffany E. Taylor discusses writing for the 40+ audience, because if there’s one universal truth in life it’s that love is vital no matter one’s age.

Check out Tiffany’s guest post: Writing Midlife Sapphic Romance

Have an idea for a guest post? If you have experience in something that is relevant to SapphFic authors and would like to submit an article about it, drop us a line!

Check back next Wednesday for more great advice and SapphFic publishing news.

Happy writing!

Miranda & TB

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