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New Sale Policy

If you get involved in this or any IHS sale going forward and then fail to discount your book by the deadline (which is always noon the day before the sale starts), you will not be allowed to participate in any other sales or special events for 90 days.

We didn’t want to have to institute this rule, but we’ve seen a significant uptick in books not being discounted on time or only being discounted in the US & UK.

Not only do we plan six large joint sales each year, but we also run weekly sales for the reading challenge. Every Monday morning, we’re having to scramble at the last minute because not every book that’s supposed to be on sale has been discounted on time or in every Amazon marketplace.

This wastes our time and tries our patience.

Most importantly, it damages our trust and relationship with readers.

We understand things happen and there may be good reasons you are unable to discount a book after you’ve committed to doing so. If that happens, we request you let us know as soon as possible, preferably at least two days prior to the sale start date so we can remove it from the sale list before it goes live.

If your book is not discounted when we check the links the evening before the sale, it will be removed automatically and we will email you, letting you know what has happened and informing you that you will be banned from participating in all sales and special events for 90 days. This includes having your books removed as recommendations in the weekly reading challenge posts during the 90 days.

If you’re in the midst of a true emergency and forget to contact us, you may respond to that email and explain what happened. We want to be fair, and we’re not heartless. We’re just very tired of putting out last minute fires that are not our doing.

Please remember that we are full time authors. We do not make money from running IHS. The website is a side service we provide out of love for the community. It takes a lot of time and costs us a lot of money out of our own pockets each year. We hope everyone will respect that by helping us make it run smoothly.

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