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How to Submit Pet Photos

Submit a pet photoTwice a week we showcase pets. In Friday Feels, we feature all types of pets and on Saturdays, it’s Caturday! You can submit as many as you like and we’ll fit in as many as we’re able.

Please email [email protected] with Pet Photos in the subject line.

Let us know the following:

  • Name of Pet(s)
  • Please specify how you want your name printed and if you’re an author or reader. No worries if you don’t want to submit your full name. You can simply use a first name, first name and last initial, all initials, or nickname if you prefer, such as TB, Jane S, Jane, The Grumpy Reader. This is up to your comfort level.
  • Attach photo of your pet and include some commentary if you’d like.

For Example:

Author Miranda Macleod’s Sisters of Chaos know how to spend a Saturday!

example photo of pet of the week submission