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What is I Heart SapphFic?

We’re a place for authors and readers to celebrate sapphic fiction!

Sapphic is an umbrella term that includes lesbian, queer, bisexual, pansexual, homoromantic asexual or demisexual, sapphic trans people, sapphic nonbinary people, and other identities on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

Our History

I Heart SapphFic was founded by TB Markinson in 2017 because she was tired of not hearing about the hottest trends until they were lukewarm at best. She could live with not finding out about Jelly shoes until years after they went out of fashion, but missing a new release from a favorite author? Perish the thought!

In the beginning of 2019, TB was joined by fellow author and childhood friend Miranda MacLeod to grow what was then still called I Heart Lesfic from a once-a-week newsletter into a one-stop shop for all your sapphic fiction needs. And if you don’t think you need sapphic fiction, you haven’t spent enough time looking around our site.


What we do now

I Heart SapphFic now offers six days per week of fresh content, including reading challenges, books on sale, free books, best of the best polls, books of the month, pet photos, random facts about authors, SapphFic community news, author resources, and so much more. Plus the original Tuesday New Release Newsletter, of course.

With the launch of our rebranded and redesigned website on October 3, 2022, I Heart SapphFic is thrilled to bring a new resource to the reading community: the I Heart SapphFic BookFinder. Our database of traditionally and independently published sapphic literature was launched with over 1,000 entries. We also offer the ability to browse books by category such as heat level and genre on our All Book Categories page. We ended 2022 with nearly 2500 books, and we continue to grow daily!


Today, one thousand books. Tomorrow, the world!
We hope you’ll join us and help the SapphFic genre conquer the globe.


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