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Ever had a day where you want to read a sapphic book but you just can’t come up with one that sounds interesting? We’ve been there, too, and that’s why we created this page!

Click on any topic you connect with below, and we’ll help you find your next read. Thousands of sapphic, lesbian, and wlw books in every genre from romance to fantasy and more are just a click away!



Heat Levels:

  • None (no sex or physical intimacy at all)
  • Sweet (kissing, holding hands, etc., but no other on-the-page physical intimacy)
  • Fade to Black (sex scenes are mostly implied and use euphemistic language)
  • Medium (sex scenes are included and may use mildly graphic description)
  • Hot & Steamy (full, graphic description of sexual acts occurs and may include crude language)
  • Extra Spicy (sex scenes are very graphic and may also include toys, kink, BDSM, etc.)

Sexual/Gender Identities:

Protagonist Ethnic Identities:

Protagonist Archetypes:


Geographic Locations:

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