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Advertising Opportunities

Why should I become an advertising sponsor?

Most of what we offer is free!

Since its beginning, I Heart SapphFic’s primary purpose has been to connect great books with eager readers. Nearly everything we offer is done at no cost to participants. We want to assure you this will continue to be the case even with the introduction of paid sponsorships. New release listings, inclusion in the BookFinder, participation in 99c and mega sales, reading challenges, and book recommendation lists will all remain completely free of charge. This is extremely important to us. Writing is a hard business, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on finding their next favorite book because the author is on a tight budget.

Running IHS is expensive

Between website design and maintenance, graphics, and other expenses, the costs do add up. That’s not counting the thousands of hours each year that TB and Miranda pour into providing fresh weekly content, time that they would otherwise spend writing (otherwise known as the activity that pays their bills). Affiliate earnings and donations help, but advertising is an additional tool to defray the considerable expense of running a site like this one. This is why, as we’ve revamped our website and email newsletter designs, we’ve made sure to leave space that authors can purchase to give their new books, special sales, or back list favorites an extra push, all while helping IHS keep the lights on.

What ad options are available?

We have premium and standard ads to fit a variety of budgets. Both types of ads run for 4 weeks and come with inclusion in one email newsletter during the ad period, (we send 4 each week). Ads are swapped out on Sunday evenings. To see the current rates and read a detailed description of each ad type, click here.

Do I have to be an author to run an ad?

No! We will also accept advertising for any book or author related product or business. This includes publishing houses, editorial or design services, book clubs, literary awards, and any other type of business with a clear relevance to sapphic readers. For more information, check out the non-book ads on our rate sheet.

Check out the 2023 Advertising Rates Here!