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Submit Your New Release

Submit a new release

Got a new release on the horizon?

We would love to include your book in the Tuesday New Release Newsletter dedicated to announcing, you guessed it, new releases (ebook and/or audio). And here’s the best part. It’s totally free!

In order to have a book featured in the IHS New Release Newsletter, authors and/or publishers MUST submit a NEW RELEASE form.


Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll only include titles (ebook and audio) that are available on Amazon.
  • Your book must be submitted within 60 days of release to be eligible.
  • IHS does not include regular list prices. HOWEVER, if your book is on sale for a limited time at launch, you can alert us to this by also submitting this form.
  • IHS includes ALL subgenres of SapphFic books, not solely romance.
  • Please note, we will NOT feature books containing hate speech, promoting the abuse or sexual exploitation of children, or glorifying rape, pedophilia, or gratuitous violence. Books that contain any type of on the page rape, graphic violence, or incest require trigger warnings.
  • Each newsletter will only feature an author once in the ebook and once in the audio section, but not both formats of the same book in the same week. If the ebook and audio are released simultaneously, we prioritize the ebook and will run the audio in a later edition when space permits.
  • Details for the upcoming Tuesday newsletter must be received no later than the Wednesday before, however we cannot guarantee placement in a particular edition. We often fill up a few weeks ahead, so submitting your book as early as possible is a smart idea.

What counts as sapphic fiction?

IHS includes all sapphic books, meaning books about characters who identify as lesbian, queer, bisexual, pansexual, homoromantic asexual or demisexual, sapphic trans women, sapphic nonbinary people, or other identities on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.