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Ongoing Promotional Opportunities

Make your back list work for you!

You worked hard on your books, and it’s time they returned the favor. Just because you no longer have a new release doesn’t mean you can’t find new and exciting ways to promote your books effectively to eager readers. All of the following opportunities are available to you on IHS any time of year, completely free of charge.

Friday Freebies

Every Friday we publish a feature called Friday Feels to celebrate the start of the weekend. We highlight a free book each week.  Readers love it, and it’s a great way to increase your visibility. We recommend offering an older book as a way to call attention to your new release, or offering the first book in a series free to get readers hooked. Here is how to submit your free book.

Sale and Free Books

If you’re planning to offer your book for sale or free and are looking for a way to get more eyes on it, look no further! Simply submit this form to alert us to the price (free, 99c, $1.99 or $2.99 for ebooks, up to $3.99 for box sets). Books that are permanently free on Amazon are also welcome.


SapphFic Community Bulletin BoardGiveaways and Other Special Events

If you are hosting a giveaway on your own platform (IHS cannot host giveaways for authors), or if you have other events or news to share, we might be able to help! Check out our Community Bulletin Board submission guidelines to see if your news qualifies, and find out how to tell us about it so we can get the word out to others.

BookFinder and Reading Challenge

The I Heart SapphFic BookFinder is a powerful tool that helps readers find exactly the type of book they’re looking for. When you submit a new release, sale book, freebie, or participate in IHS special events, your book is entered into this database. If your book isn’t there yet, we want it to be! Here’s the form to submit your books to the I Heart SapphFic BookFinder.

We will also automatically consider any book in the database for inclusion in the 2023 reading challenge. This yearlong event is tremendously popular with readers. Each week we highlight a new category or categories, along with a recommended reading list, and we give special attention to the books that are offered on sale for that week.

Please note, if your book is chosen for a reading challenge category, we will contact you with additional information including the specific dates and the option to offer your book at a special discount.

Interested in Paid Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities?

At IHS, we believe in offering as much as we can to authors for free. We earn a small income from affiliate links and donations, but our costs add up. If you value what we do and are at a point in your author career where you can afford to pay it forward, we hope you’ll consider purchasing a paid sponsorship to help us keep the lights on!