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Random Things:

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Here are five random facts about Monica McCallan.

1. I’m a righty, but I play pool, throw a frisbee, and snap my fingers left-handed.

2. Before I realized I was a lesbian, I’d read thousands of m/f romance novels. I just love love!

3. My dog Chips was given her name because of the tv show Trailer Park Boys.

4. My favorite types of non-fiction books to read are on behavioral economics. I always struggle with “absolute” ideas, and realizing the confusing, often counterintuitive things people do when making decisions helped things click for me much better.

5. I moved to California because I met people at a music festival (Bonnaroo), and they said I could come stay with them for a couple of weeks while I was traveling. I absolutely fell in love with the queer culture there and didn’t move to Brooklyn like originally planned. It really showed me how much one person could change someone’s life!

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