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Special Promotional Events

Join IHS for a special event!

Harnessing the reach of fellow sapphic authors is one of the most powerful ways to reach new readers. Several times per year, IHS brings together dozens, or even hundreds, of authors to promote sale or free books to the reading community. We hope you’ll join us!

Joint Sales for 2023

We will be organizing 5 big sales in 2023 for authors to join. They may look a little different than last year, so keep reading for the details.

3 of the sales will allow each author to submit up to 3 books per pen name.

Instead of these being 99c sales, we will be allowing price points of $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, $3.99 and $4.99 AS LONG AS the sale price represents at least a 50% discount off the regular price.

The exception to the 50% rule will be books that are being offered at $0.99 and $1.99.

Mark your calendars with the following dates:

March 24-March 28

May 25-May 29

September 21-September 25

Christmas in July Free Book Event:

Readers loved the Free Fall event last September, and while we wanted to do it again, we also felt the last few months of the year got a little too crowded in 2022. We’ve moved the free event to July and will be doing a “Christmas in July” theme for advertising. This does NOT mean you have to give away Christmas books (you can if you’d like). But this is our chance to give a free gift to readers, so the Christmas spirit seemed appropriate. (And it might even be cold and snowy for our readers Down Under!)

This event will take place July 24-26. Books will have to be free on Amazon to participate.

Mega Sale:

There will be one Mega Sale November 24-November 28.

As with the other 3 sales, the price points will be $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, $3.99, and $4.99, and the 50% discount rule will apply to any books that are offered at $2.99 or more. The difference between this sale and the other 3 sales is that authors will be able to submit 10 books per pen name.