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Random Things:

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Here are five random facts about Max Ellendale.

1. I’m really bad at random facts. It took me many many minutes (longer…) to come up with these. I suppose that can be summed up as, “Sucks at talking about herself!”

2. Special interests fuel my fire. At any given moment, I will hyperfixate on a topic/subject/music/game, anything. My current special interest: music by Carolina Deslandes (a singer/songwriter from Portugal). Former special interest: quantum physics (RIP).

3. I met my wife through a shared fandom. #Supercorp

4. I’m simultaneously a pop-punk/emo stan and super hippie. These two sides of myself live quite harmoniously (ha!).

5. My characters I most identify with currently are a mix of Lauren (of Maverick fame) and Samirah (Nocere). Sali is for always though…

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