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Random Things:

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Here are five random facts about Stephanie Shea.

1. Stephanie Shea is a pen name, but Stephanie is my legal middle name and Shea is a variation of Shay, based on the character Leslie Shay from Chicago Fire.

2. I’m a big snack lover and I have a sweet tooth, but only for gummy candy. I didn’t eat chocolate until I was sixteen, and I’ve never had a PB&J sandwich because peanut butter and I don’t get along

3. Whenever I get stuck writing a scene, I move around to different spots in my apartment until I inevitably end up writing from the floor, and I trade my laptop for my journal.

4. I followed love to Mexico City and now I live there.

5. I’m a stress cleaner. Throw in a good playlist and it’s my favorite kind of therapy.

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