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Mission Book Possible #14

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The BookFinder is a month old!

With more than 1,900 books already in this new database, we’ve created a fun way for readers to go on a sapphic book finding mission. Four prizes of a $15 Amazon gift card will be awarded in drawing on November 9, 16, 23, and 30. For complete rules, click here.


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Now let’s get to today’s fun: Mamie Eisenhower

Mary Geneva “Mamie” Eisenhower was born on November 14, 1896, in Boone, Iowa.

She grew up in Colorado and her family was well off, having servants attend to many duties. When Mamie married, she had to learn how to keep house.

In 1915, Mamie met Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower, becoming quickly intrigued by the second lieutenant. She didn’t agree to a date right away, though and she continued to see other people. They became engaged in 1916 on Valentine’s Day.

She became an army wife, having to live in 33 different homes during Ike’s 37 years in the military. Ike’s military pay was different from what Mamie was accustomed to. The couple weren’t emotionally connected, and Mamie contended with stretches of depression. To add to the problems on the home front, Ike informed her that his duty would “always come first.”

They had two sons. Sadly, when their first child was three, he died of scarlet fever, devastating Mamie. She adored their second son.

During World War II, Ike was promoted and became a famous general, while Mamie aided the war effort by volunteering. Ike’s military triumphs and published memoirs provided them with financial stability after the war.

In 1952, Ike was elected president of the United States. As First Lady, Mamie avoided interviews with the press, and she turned down the opportunity to pen a newspaper column. When she had to interact with reporters, she was friendly and asked to be called Mamie. She relished her role as hostess, helping entertain many heads of state.

Mamie influenced fashion and her style became known as the “Mamie Look,” which included a full-skirted dress, pink gloves, charm bracelets, pearls, small hats, purses, and bobbed, banged hair. She was thrifty and kept an eye out for bargains, keeping items for a long time.

She died in 1979, less than two weeks before her eighty-third birthday.

To honor Mamie Eisenhower, we’re asking readers to go to the BookFinder and look up books in the following Theme category: Wartime.

Find a book you haven’t read yet, or if you come across an old favorite, share it and tell us why. To enter the giveaway, share your entry in the Facebook group.

Remember, the more days you play, the more entries you’ll receive for the $15 Amazon gift card, so don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another Book Finding Mission.

Authors, if your books aren’t in the database yet, we highly recommend you submit them now. Here’s the form.

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