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Mission Book Possible #16

Find a Book

The BookFinder is a month old!

With more than 1,950 books already in this new database, we’ve created a fun way for readers to go on a sapphic book finding mission. Four prizes of a $15 Amazon gift card will be awarded in drawing on November 9, 16, 23, and 30. For complete rules, click here.


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Now let’s get to today’s fun: Mary Margaret McBride

Mary Margaret McBride, an American radio interview host and writer, was born on November 16, 1899, in Paris, Missouri, to a farming family.

In 1919, she received a degree in journalism.

Starting in 1934, McBride worked in radio, using the name “Martha Deane” for a daily women’s-advice show. Her persona was a kind and funny grandmother with a Missouri-drawl. However, she continued to mix up the names of her fictitious grandchildren, so she jettisoned that part of her schtick. The show ran until 1940.

McBride transitioned to the CBS radio network, using her own name since the previous company owned the name Martha Deane. Her new format involved interviewing famous political and cultural figures of her time.

On the personal front, McBride lived with Stella Karn. The two met in the early ‘20s when Karn bounded into McBride’s office saying Karn would handle their publicity. They worked and lived together for years. In 1962, McBride said, “No two people were more unlike. My reaction to a crisis was to dissolve into tears; Stella’s was to charge into battle.”

McBride died on April 7, 1976, at the age of seventy-six. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to radio.

To honor Mary Margaret McBride, we’re asking readers to go to the BookFinder and look up books in the following Theme category: Workplace / Office Romance.

Find a book you haven’t read yet, or if you come across an old favorite, share it and tell us why. To enter the giveaway, share your entry in the Facebook group.

Remember, the more days you play, the more entries you’ll receive for the $15 Amazon gift card, so don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another Book Finding Mission.

Authors, if your books aren’t in the database yet, we highly recommend you submit them now. Here’s the form.

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