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All About: Even Fairy Godmothers Need Help by Chloe Keto

Even Fairy Godmothers Need Help
Even Fairy Godmothers Need Help

by Chloe Keto

Released: December 9, 2022

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Why this book and why now?

After I released Ransom To Love, my enemies-to-lovers cyber-hacking romance with catitude, I had several readers saying that they loved Marion- the owner of the coffee shop (aka Teri’s Fairy Godmother). When I came to think about a Christmas short story, I figured that Marion’s Coffee Shop would be the perfect venue.

Marion met Gina and somehow they didn’t want to stop at a short story. Their romance naturally became a novella that I couldn’t stop writing!

Even so, I was quite slow writing and had planned to release this next year after giving it to my betas to enjoy this Christmas. However, the wonderful Adrian Smith invited me to a book club at the start of December. Several readers told me how much they loved Marion, so I asked my fabulous beta readers if anyone was up for a challenge! They jumped into action and a week later, we had the Novella out. I can’t thank them enough!

Would you and your main character(s) get along?

Gina is a 45 year old Sapphic romance novelist, so I think she and I would have a few things to talk about, and maybe some story ideas to exchange!

What TV show would your main character(s) most likely binge watch and why?

I think Marion is a Great British Bakeoff and a Strictly Come Dancing binge watcher. She’ll look for cake ideas for the coffee shop and then stretch out and enjoy some traditional glamour. (While not admitting that she’s admiring some of the female stars!)

Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment and it’s time to party! Choose a celebratory beverage for one of your main characters to toast the release of your new book.

Marion and Gina’s drink becomes Mulled Wine through the story. It’s a perfect drink for a winter romance. It’s also both fruity and mature – just like Marion, herself!

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