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2023 Advertising Rates

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The following ad options will be offered in 2023:

Book Ads (Premium and Standard)

  • Includes either premium or standard ad placement for desktop and mobile
  • Includes IHS in-house graphic design
  • Includes one email ad placement (either premium or standard) in the newsletter of our choosing during the advertising period. The ad will link to the book’s product page on IHS.
  • Only available to advertise a book on Amazon
  • IHS will create a universal link to the book’s Amazon page
  • Ads start on Monday mornings and run through Sunday evenings
Premium: $40 for 4 weeks
Standard: $25 for 4 weeks


Premium Plus Ads (Can be for books, series, or other products of interest)

  • Supply your own graphics (400×600 and 1200×400), subject to IHS approval
  • Supply your own URL (cannot be an affiliate link)
  • Includes premium ad placement for desktop and mobile
  • Includes one premium email ad placement in the newsletter of our choosing during the advertising period. The ad will link to the URL you provide.
  • Available to advertise books, book series, author newsletter signup, cover design services, publisher websites, awards, giveaways, organizations, editorial services, or any other book related offering, subject to IHS approval.
  • Ads start on Monday mornings and run through Sunday evenings
Premium Plus: $50 for 4 weeks


2023 Annual Sponsorship: 13 ads for the price of 10!

Extremely limited! Only one sponsorship per author/ pen name/ business.

13 standard ads for $250- SOLD OUT!
13 premium ads for $400-SOLD OUT!
13 premium plus ads for $500-SOLD OUT!
  • A year’s worth of ads at a discount! Run the same ad all year, a new ad every 4 weeks, or switch as needed to accommodate your publishing schedule. You will always have one ad running and can swap it up to 13 times between January 1 and December 31, 2023.
  • Inclusion in 13 email ad slots throughout the year.
  • No need to decide on dates now. When you’re ready to switch to a new ad, just let us know!
  • Why 13? Because there are 13 four-week blocks in a year.

How does our ad space work?

When you book an ad on IHS, you are choosing a type of ad space as opposed to purchasing a specific spot on a specific page. This is because our ads are served randomly every time a visitor loads or reloads a page.  Premium ads are served from one “pool” of ads while standard come from a different “pool.” Since we accept fewer premium ads than standard, premium ads have about a 3x better chance of loading on any given page load than a standard ad.

Still not sure what the difference is between Premium and Standard?

Here are some screenshots to help you visualize where your ads will appear on desktop and mobile versions of our site.


The top few spaces are always premium ads, represented in green below. The remaining spaces are standard ad spaces, shown in pink. The number of green and pink spaces will be different on every page and is based on average post length, but premium ads will always be higher on the page than standard. Please remember, they rotate! We get several frantic emails each month to tell us an ad is not running. Not every ad shows up every time you load the page. Refresh a few times and we are almost certain your ad will be there. If you still can’t find it after a few refreshes, please let us know.

Also, please note that the very top space on each page is reserved for IHS use and is not an ad space. In the example below, if it is not green or pink, it’s not an ad space.

Illustration of ad placement


The first two images show premium and standard ad placement between posts. The third image (far right) shows ad placement at the bottom of posts.

Diagram of Mobile Ad Placement


To book your ads for 2023, click here!