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Recently, TB & Miranda attended a one-day Golden Crown Literary Society event in New Jersey. It was a fantastic day, with panels, lunch, and the best part: interacting with authors and readers.

Writing can be a lonely job since most of the time it’s just you and a computer. These events are so important for many reasons. They promote and celebrate sapphic fiction. They allow readers to feel included in this fantastic wlw community. And, they show that authors are colleagues and friends working together to fight discrimination against the LGBTQ+ population. With hate on the rise, organizations like GCLS are vital not only to combat hate, but to help spread the message love is love.

Here are some photos from the event.

That evening, many of us had dinner together.

GCLS Dinner Crew Photo

Starting in the front on the left: Christel Cogneau, Cindy Rizzo, TB Markinson, Miranda MacLeod, Rachel Lacey, KC Luck, Jamey Moody, Kimberly Todd, Ann Aptaker, Catherine Maiorisi, Lydia Stryk, and Betsey Carswell.

We’d like to thank GCLS for organizing the event and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you again in Denver!

GCLS Denver 2023 conference

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