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Author Cheyenne Blue recommends Perks of Office by Liz Rain

Welcome to Authors Getting Rec’d! Each week, we’ll bring you a new sapphic book recommendation from a favorite sapphic author. Find out what authors are reading and why, plus read about the personal connections between authors and books.

This week, Cheyenne Blue explains why Perks of Office is a must read.

Cheyenne Blue had never read a book by Liz Rain before, but she fell in love with the cover, and the blurb sealed the deal. Cheyenne and Liz are both published by Ylva Publishing. They have had the chance to meet and socialize in real life.

Let’s hear more from Cheyenne about why Perks of Office is a must read:

I’m a sucker for Aussie authors and Aussie settings, so if there’s a new author in town, I tend to give them a go. Liz Rain’s book is also set in my home state of Queensland, and revolves around Aussie politics. Don’t let that put you off–we’re simpler souls than our American cousins in that regard.

Add in a gorgeous cover, the promise of a klutzy office worker, and Perks of Office landed right in the middle of my comfort zone.

Liz Rain’s debut novel sparkles with dry humour as it pairs a lowly office worker, Emma, with her hot-as-hell older boss, Bridget, against the backdrop of a low-key Australian electorate office. Told in first person from Emma’s POV, Liz Rain does an amazing job building tension and showing us the attraction on both sides. There are some great side characters, too, particularly Emma’s BFF, and her co-workers. The irreverent, laconic approach to life, unconventional problem-solving, and the loyalty between workmates is fantastic.

I laughed, sympathised with Emma, identified with her chaotic ways, and appreciated the writing in this book. And I’m looking forward to Liz’s next book which isn’t too long away.

Tempted? You can get Liz’s book here:

Cheyenne Blue is the author of For the Long Run.

Emma in Perks of Office is conscientious to a fault, warm and giving, and looks out for her boss, Bridget. She has a lot in common with Lizzie in my book, For the Long Run, in that Lizzie tries her best to make things right for Shan after Lizzie inadvertently causes Shan a career-derailing injury.

Lizzie and Emma in the same room would be a warm hug of kindness. But make no mistake, both characters have steel spines and are no pushover!

Thank you, Cheyenne, for sharing what book is on your nightstand right now and paying it forward by showing some book love to a fellow SapphFic author!

About Cheyenne Blue:

Cheyenne Blue writes big-hearted sapphic romance novels set in Australia—the latest being For the Long Run. She lives in the Mary Valley, Queensland, in a small house with a big view—perfect for morning coffee, evening wine, and anytime writing.

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