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Author TJ Dallas recommends Sewing Deceit by Ryann Fletcher

Welcome to Authors Getting Rec’d! Each week, we’ll bring you a new sapphic book recommendation from a favorite sapphic author. Find out what authors are reading and why, plus read about the personal connections between authors and books.

This week, TJ Dallas explains why Sewing Deceit is a must read.

TJ fell hard and fast for one of the characters, Bailey! This book is the fourth in a series, and TJ has read it several times, explaining that it’s so well-written and the whole series is incredible. TJ and Ryann are social media acquaintances but do not know each other in real life.

Let’s hear more from TJ about why Sewing Deceit is a must read:

If you like sci-fi, but without all the hard work and jargon, definitely check out the Cricket Chronicles series. Book 1 is Deus Ex Mechanic, and each book adds to the colourful crew of the Cricket space ship, from Captain Violet and the mechanic, Alice, to a seamstress, a storm chaser, a rum smuggler, and more! Each book brings in new awesome characters, but I know that I’ll still see my favourites along the way.

Tempted? You can get Ryann’s book here:

TJ Dallas is the author of The Planck Paradox.

Thank you, TJ, for sharing what book is on your nightstand right now and paying it forward by showing some book love to a fellow SapphFic author!

About TJ Dallas:

Hi, I’m TJ, and I’m a Scottish author who writes erotica and erotic romance. My first series, The Cardinal Series, has six books featuring supernatural sexy women. I also have an erotica anthology and a create your own erotic adventure, and I’ve recently branched out a little into contemporary romance novellas. This is my first one!

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