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All About: Ascending by Nicole Pyland


by Nicole Pyland

Released: Mar 24, 2023

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Why this book and why now?

I had this idea of a Princess who loses everything and becomes Queen overnight, but she’s also gay and has to decide if she’s ever going to come out to her country. I decided to write it after years of it rolling around in my head because it kept coming back into the forefront, and I ended up writing a whole Royalty Series because of it.

Would you and your main character(s) get along? Why, or why not?

I think we’d get along, but I doubt we’d hang out often. Elizabeth is a Queen, after all, and now that she and Palmer are together, they’re pretty busy running a country. I think if they invited me to a fancy ball or something, I’d just trip all over the place, use the wrong fork at dinner, and not know how to dance.

What TV show would your main character(s) most likely binge watch and why?

I’d love to see Palmer getting Elizabeth into some ridiculous reality TV shows because it’s not at all something Elizabeth would watch on her own, but then, she’d get addicted to it, and it would be hilarious.

Aside from the obvious food and shelter, what 3 things would your main character want with them if they got stranded away from civilization, and why?

Books are big for Elizabeth, and Palmer is a journalist, so she’d read them, too. I think Palmer would need a notebook and a pen to write if she can’t have a computer.

What song does your character put on to start your book launch party?

Elizabeth would probably choose something fancy, composed by Beethoven or Mozart, that plays as royals walk into the room. Palmer would probably want something Rock ’n’ Roll. Maybe Springsteen or The Who. I can see her liking the music her dad liked. Maybe Baba O’Riley or something. Elizabeth would win, though.

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