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All About: Fake Marriage Planning Inc by Anne Hagan

Cover of
Fake Marriage Planning Inc

by Anne Hagan

Released: Aug 24, 2023

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Why this book and why now?

I love fake relationship stories. As an author, I’m always asking, ‘What if?’ In this case it was, what if the story was about someone who facilitates fake relationships getting into one of her own, against the moral qualms she already has about what she does?

What is a significant way your book has changed since either the first draft or the way you thought it would turn out when you first had the inspiration?

The story began with a dream I had involving the two main characters and the wedding planning idea came in quickly. The major change from my first vision was adding Jon, Iva’s gay best friend forever and her partner in the wedding planning business. Jon puts the ‘com’ in rom-com.

What TV show would your main character(s) most likely binge watch and why?

Say Yes to the Dress, because Iva is all about weddings.

What’s your main character(s)’s favorite book and why?

As an investigative journalist herself, Cheyenne is a fan of ‘Philadelphia Fire,’ a book about a reporter that exposes the truth behind an incident in her own hometown, where my book is set.

What song does your character put on to start your book launch party?

The Wedding March!

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