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All About: Straight Girls Season One Shadow Stories by S.E. Chandler

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Straight Girls Season One Shadow Stories

by S.E. Chandler

Released: Oct 13, 2023

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Why this book and why now?

This is a compilation of four novellettes of the love interests in the Season One books. Honestly, I had so much fun writing about these characters from the perspective of the MCs, I wanted to give their voices a lift. And I got several requests for bigger roles from secondary characters. It’s a companion to the series, and in some ways, was even more fun to write.

Do your character names have special significance or meaning?

So this series idea was spawned from a family friend who is helplessly falling in love with straight girls who later go on to break her heart. I wanted a happily-ever-after for her. So I wrote four. Several of the characters’ names are her exes. Her current gf is THE ONE, so her name is not included in the series. Fingers crossed for you CC, this is your HEA!

What 3 things would your main character want with them if they got stranded away from civilization, and why?

With four MCs, I’ll take a bonus item. Ann would insist on a first-aid kit because she’s a nurse and a single boy mom and you just HAVE to have one in all situations. Hae: her old Blackberry if they existed, but her laptop and signal booster to call in air lift. Sawyer, definitely something warm, fleecy, and snuggly to curl up in and cry until she is saved. Sam, sunscreen maybe, because she’ll save her own ass.

One of your main characters is planning a romantic night. Tell us about it.

Hae is just so classy, she’s going to go all in. Candlelit dinner, followed by a comedy show. Then wrapping up with drinks on a riverboat under the stars, snuggling shoulder-to-shoulder to keep warm while heating things up.

What song does your character put on to start your book launch party?

Ann’s glory days were the 2000’s and she was such a party girl. She’s going to spin off “I Gotta Feelin'” by Black Eyed Peas, then get her groove on with “What a Girl Wants” by Christina Aguilera first.

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