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All About: Accidental Contact by Adriana Kraft

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Accidental Contact

by Adriana Kraft

Released: Nov 03, 2023

Genre: Erotica Romance

Why this book and why now?

Accidental Contact is a short story written for a sapphic anthology over a decade ago, then revised and updated for re-release. Is it really erotic romance? It’s definitely erotic, featuring one of my favorite f/f scenes as Natalie is caught between her fears and her desires in the middle of the night. Since it’s a short story, I’d call it happy-for-now, with a promising future.

The inspiration? I love New York City, and I love setting stories there. I especially love NYC in the winter – Rockefeller center, with its giant tree and all the skaters, Central Park, Fifth Avenue with all the shoppers and window displays. Was I ever snowbound there? No, but I was stranded for two steamy August days during the great East Coast blackout of 2003.

Our conference was just concluding on the NYU campus in Greenwich Village when the power went out. When we left the building across from Washington Square Park, it seemed the entire city was on foot, rumors circulating wildly. Pretty quickly we knew it wasn’t just New York. With 9-11 less than two years behind us, there was speculation about the possibility of terrorism. I can’t remember how quickly that was dispelled with information about failure of the power grid in the heat wave. I do remember that several of us decided to walk the two miles north on Fifth Avenue to our hotel rather than try to board a bus. With no stoplights operating, traffic was basically gridlocked.

Part way back we found a Chinese restaurant with ready-to-go meals they had no way of keeping, and we bought supper, then sat and ate it on the steps of the beautiful beaux arts library at 42nd Street.

When we finally reached the hotel, the elevator was out of service, but the staff had set out small candles on every step of the narrow spiral staircase leading up from the lobby, a welcome sight.

So many flights were cancelled that it was clear we wouldn’t get out of the city for a couple days. Some power was restored by the next day, and a friend and I took advantage of the nearby Times Square box office to get last minute discount tickets for two shows. I don’t know what adventures our heroines Natalie and Bridgette might get up to after their bedroom adventure, but I’m sure they’ll find ways to enjoy the city.

Would you and your main character(s) get along?

I would definitely get along with either of them. I admire Bridgette for being straightforward, knowing what she wants and taking action (subtle, this time, but not always) to get it. And Natalie? My heart goes out to her – she’s so uncertain whether any overture would be welcomed by the much younger Bridgette. I get her fears; she gets a little help to overcome them, but she has to make a move of her own as well.

What 3 things would your main character want with them if they got stranded away from civilization, and why?

Bridgette never travels without her toys – if she’s limited to just one, it’ll be a crystal wand (she wouldn’t want to depend on batteries). If she can get away with it, she’ll call her travel case of toys a single item. Second would be a bound journal she can use to record her thoughts and reactions. Again, she hopes the attached pen doesn’t count as her third item, which is a very long novel she’s always wanted to read; perhaps it’s the complete Jane Austen in one volume.

One of your main characters is planning a romantic night. Tell us about it.

Natalie couldn’t have planned it better than the way it turned out this time, but if she wants a repeat performance, she’ll choose a warmer time of year! She’ll select an historic hotel that’s been restored to its Victorian era splendor. It has lovely grounds with mature trees and many blooming plants. After a tour of the unique architecture, she and Bridgette will stroll through the gardens, perhaps with champagne. Though the Victorian era evokes the UK, the hotel has a haute cuisine French restaurant, and they’ll take a leisurely dinner. After dinner they’ll retreat to their period suite, where they’ll enjoy a private hot tub before the evening’s bedroom activities – which might or might not be limited to the bed.

What song does your character put on to start your book launch party?

That’s easy – the Liza Minelli recording of New York, New York! If this couple ends up getting together, they’ll count New York and the snowstorm as the turning point that made it happen, and they’ll both love the celebratory mood of the song. They’ll probably sing along.

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