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All About: Vicarious by Chloe Spencer

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by Chloe Spencer

Released: Nov 15, 2023

Genre: Horror

Why this book and why now?

I really wanted to write something about unhinged housewives, and something that poked fun at Midwestern suburban culture.

What is a significant way your book has changed since either the first draft or the way you thought it would turn out when you first had the inspiration?

Definitely the backstory between the characters. That had to go through a few different revisions.

Would you and your main character(s) get along?

No! Hahahah, my characters are awful people and would probably talk trash about me behind my back… or murder me at worst. They are definitely not friends I’d want to have in real life.

Do your character names have special significance or meaning?

Gertie, the protagonist, gets her name from a second grade substitute teacher I had as a kid who was well-known for being mean.

What TV show would your main character(s) most likely binge watch and why?

Gertie binges White Lotus, because she wants to keep up with popular culture. She would also probably binge The Good Wife and The Santa Clarita Diet.

What’s your main character(s)’s favorite book and why?

Bea doesn’t read regularly, and Gertie would probably read How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, because that’s what she knows how to do best.

What 3 things would your main character want with them if they got stranded away from civilization, and why?

Gertie would want a machete, a bikini, and a water filtration system. The machete to kill and build things, the water filitration system for obvious reasons, and the bikini because, well, if you’re stranded on an island, you might as well work on your tan.

One of your main characters is planning a romantic night. Tell us about it.

Between the two of them, Bea likes to be wooed, and Gertie likes to take on a more dominant role, so it’d be up to her to plan it. Because Bea is a jock with a lot of energy, Gertie would probably pick out a few ways to get out her energy. A walk through a nice city park or even a few sessions at a batting cage would be a good start. Then, a nice meal. Bea doesn’t always want something fancy; sometimes she can find that overwhelming. Gertie would probably find the best burger place in town, and they’d get a booth where they could eat and pound back beers to their heart’s content. Knowing them, they’d probably turn it into a competition. Finally, they’d have to finish the date with ice cream, because their goal is to check out every soft serve place in town and rank it.

Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment and it’s time to party! Choose a celebratory beverage for one of your main characters to toast the release of your new book.

Bea would have an Angry Orchard and keep it simple. Gertie is absolutely a fruity, bougie drink girlie. She’d have a passion fruit martini with a side of Prosecco–which I have had before, and that absolutely kicked my butt, but Gertie would probably drink it like water and at best get a light buzz.

What song does your character put on to start your book launch party?

Bea would put on Queen’s We Are the Champions, and Gertie would put on Halsey’s Nightmare, which would also be the only song she’d listen to by that artist. Gertie absolutely takes pride in being someone’s nightmare.

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