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Jude’s TOP 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

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Get ready to add books to your TBR pile!

As the end of the year draws near, we have one question we want to ask book lovers the world over. What were your top 5 sapphic reads of 2023?

Luckily our readers like to share! We look forward to passing along these recommendations to you daily into the new year.

It’s not too late to submit your own top reads and get in on the fun. Click here for the form. Our only rules are that authors may not submit their own books and your list needs to be new-to-you books that were read (not necessarily published) in 2023.

Here are Jude’s top sapphic reads of 2023:

1. In the Roses of Pieria by Anna Burke

You can never go wrong with Anna Burke. All her books are beautifully-written and she’ll always take you places you didn’t expect. It might not always be comfortable but it will always be awesome. In this we have vampires and a love that fights to exist over centuries. It’s a duology, and I can’t wait for book 2.

2. These Thin Lines by Milena McKay

Another author you can always count on for beautiful writing. There’s an age gap but no ice queen in this book. Both MCs are wonderful, flawed and complicated, kind and hurt, but Chiara stole my heart.

3. Meeting Millie by Clare Ashton

Funny, tender, heartbreaking… Meeting Millie is Clare Ashton at her best (though isn’t she always at her best?), the first is the author’s first series, and I am sooo looking forward to more.

4. Consecrated Ground by Virginia Black

This debut novel took my breath away. It’s dark, it’s oppressing, it’s beautiful.

5. A Calculated Risk by Cari Hunter

Cari Hunter writes the best characters. Really. In one of my reviews, I wrote, “Hunter doesn’t write life as we’d like it to be. She writes the people who make it worth living.” It’s true again with this book. And yes, she also writes fantastic procedurals.

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