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Jamie’s TOP 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

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Get ready to add books to your TBR pile!

When the end of the year drew near, we had one question we wanted to ask book lovers the world over. What were your top 5 sapphic reads of 2023?

Luckily our readers like to share!

Here are Jamie’s top sapphic reads of 2023:

1. Breaking Character by Lee Winter

I’m listening to this book for the third time this year. Two closeted actresses and fake-dating with a little bit of grump/sunshine. Sign me up.

2. Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

The tag line says it all; lesbian necromancers in space. Tamsyn writes with a great sense of humor as well as keeping you guessing with Gideon as an unreliable narrator.

3. Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly

One of the first books I’ve read with nonbinary rep. It validated a lot of feelings I have as a nonbinary person. With the added pressure/fun of being out on national television

4. Trust in Me by Tiffany E. Taylor

I read this book in one sitting. Not only was it extra spicy, but also informative about how healthy relationships can be in and out of the scenes at the club, Eros.

5. The Mad House by Liza James

Dark, taboo romance with a religious cult after them? There are definitely some CWs with this one, but the strong feelings between the two main characters are felt through out. Even with the cliff hanger I have already reread this one.

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