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All About: Promised to the Queen by Barbara Winkes

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Promised to the Queen

by Barbara Winkes

Released: Mar 07, 2024

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Why this book and why now?

I love crime fiction. Mafia romance is a part of that, but you can play with different elements of the genre, and also easily put a focus on the romance part. I wrote the Crossing Lines trilogy a few years ago and really enjoyed it, so I decided I wanted to write more in addition to my detectives.

Do your character names have special significance or meaning?

Not always, but for Alessandra, who’s a protective ice queen, and her love interest, they do. Alessandra’s name translates to “defender of mankind” and Mia to “mine.” Of course, Alessandra’s goal is to mostly defend her family, and one person in particular…

What 3 things would your main character want with them if they got stranded away from civilization, and why?

Alessandra would need painting supplies, so that would likely cover all three!

One of your main characters is planning a romantic night. Tell us about it.

Mia would surprise Alessandra with a romantic picnic under the stars, to take her away from business and the office for a little while, but also to underline that their relationship created a certain freedom from obligations and expectations of their families. Which is ironic, because they start out as partners in an arranged marriage.

Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment and it’s time to party! Choose a celebratory beverage for one of your main characters to toast the release of your new book.

That would be a special vintage from the Falcone’s cellar, given how important it is for the family to represent. Alessandra’s siblings would probably care more about the exact year than she does, but she’d indulge them. Her sister planned the wedding, and her brother likes status symbols, so it would matter more to the both of them.

Meet Barbara Winkes

Barbara Winkes writes sapphic crime drama and Christmas romance. She loves writing characters who get the job done, whether it’s stopping a predator or saving cherished traditions—while still making time for love. She lives with her wife in Quebec City.

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