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Best Sapphic Foodie Romances

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It’s time to crown this week’s Best of the Best Winners.

How do we decide on the sapphic books to include in these polls? We value reader input, so we ask them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to nominate their favorites. We take those nominations to create a best of the best poll and put it to the readers for a vote.

Nominating and voting is a fantastic way to show your favorite authors some rainbow love.

Guess the Sapphic Books Author GraphicBefore we get to the Best of the Best Winners this week, it’s time for Guess the Author

Every week we’ll provide five clues about a sapphic author. This game helps readers get to know their favorite authors while having fun.

Here is today’s clue:

Clue #3: I tried writing poetry in College, but I was so bad at it that one of my professors suggested I change my major to anything other than Creative Writing.

Find Clue #1 here.

Find Clue #2 here.

Don’t forget to check out the Best of the Best Poll post tomorrow for Clue #4.

Now for this Week’s Winners

Drum roll please… Below you’ll find the winners for Best Sapphic Foodie Romances!

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