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Cover of Discovery

Book: Discovery

By Melissa Tereze

…hopelessly tangled… Note: Discovery is a new lesbian age-gap romance from best-selling author Melissa Tereze. Contains a single mum just trying to make ends meet, a woman with a wounded heart, and one of the most awkward parent-teacher meetings ever….

Cover of Before You Go

Book: Before You Go

By Melissa Tereze

…angel. But one thing is for certain… Ryann and Lydia need one another. Could a chance meeting and an instant connection change everything? Bestselling author Melissa Tereze brings you a new stand-alone, slow-burn romance in the Another Love series to…

Cover of Vanessa

Book: Vanessa

By Melissa Tereze | Narrated by K. A. Walsh

After her white-roses-and-sunflowers wedding, Vanessa is living a dream. Her cold, lonely house finally feels like a home. She has her beautiful Emma to love for the rest of her life, plus a daughter and a grandchild to grow old…

Cover of Always Allie

Book: Always Allie

By Melissa Tereze | Narrated by K. A. Walsh

Cassidy Lewis had always dreamed of following in her mother’s footsteps, opening an award-winning florist. But Cassidy wanted bigger and better. She wanted to be thriving amongst the hustle and bustle of London; something her sleepy town of Plumstoke lacked….

Cover of The Stepmother

Book: The Stepmother

By Melissa Tereze | Narrated by Nicole Eden

After the death of her estranged father, Hayley McAllister plans to endure cold, wet England just long enough to tie up loose ends. Then she’s heading straight back to Ibiza, where she lives exactly as she pleases—performing her music, soaking…

Cover of Behind Her Eyes

Book: Behind Her Eyes

By Melissa Tereze

Five years ago, Abi was in culinary school and dreaming of working at Adley’s, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and for its equally delectable owner. Instead, she’s alone, broke, and out of friendly couches to sleep on. Her only direction…rock bottom. Abi’s…

Cover of Forever Yours

Book: Forever Yours

By Melissa Tereze | Narrated by Emma Griffiths

Paisley Healy was never supposed to fall in love with her boss. Her superior. The woman she looked up to. Working at the best law firm in the city was supposed to be cut and dry. The night she confessed…

Cover of In Her Arms

Book: In Her Arms

By Melissa Tereze | Narrated by Emma Griffiths

Reagan’s only plan, when she came alone to a lesbian bar in the city, was to knock back a few drinks far from her lonely country house. Looking around at the younger regulars, though, maybe it was a mistake to…

Cover of At First Glance

Book: At First Glance

By Melissa Tereze | Narrated by Emma Griffiths

Faye Holmes’s life is the polar opposite from her racy, best-selling romances. It’s quiet, routine, and, at the moment, plagued with writer’s block. If only just a little of the passion burning up the pages of her books would warm…

Cover of Breaking Routine

Book: Breaking Routine

By Melissa Tereze | Narrated by Emma Griffiths

There goes Harper Grey’s love life, the latest victim of a classic cliché: the office affair. Now she’s driving through drenching rain, a sad song on the radio, the seat beside her as empty as her new dream house. Without…