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Cover of Crescent City Confidential

Book: Crescent City Confidential

By Aurora Rey | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

Best-selling mystery writer Sam Torres loves jetting around the world, researching her next plot, and enjoying local culture, cuisine, and women. Her next stop: the Big Easy. Tess Arceneaux is a New Orleans native who likes life simple and uncomplicated….

Cover of Never Mine

Book: Never Mine

By Bryce Oakley | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

Sure, she’s a soccer star with World Cup trophies and Olympic medals, but she’s almost as well known for her rebellious behavior off the pitch. She’s left enough gorgeous women with broken hearts in her dust to fill a roster….

Cover of Secret Hearts

Book: Secret Hearts

By Radclyffe | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

Jordan Rice has no time for younger women with trouble written all over them no matter how sexy they might be, even if she is in desperate need of more hands—and more funds—to keep her community garden project alive. Kip’s…

Cover of The Secret Poet

Book: The Secret Poet

By Georgia Beers | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

She has a tight-knit family, two opinionated cats, and her job as office manager for her brother Perry’s medical practice. Perry’s an eligible bachelor, but his divorce left him gun-shy, so Morgan has fun tweaking his responses to potential dates…

Cover of Soul Of The Pack

Book: Soul Of The Pack

By Jenny Frame | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

When the Sanctuary is shut down, she’s lost. The only clue to her past is a birth certificate with the name Ansel Wolfgang on it, but she has never been brave enough to track her father down. Until now. Kindergarten…

Cover of Heart of the Game

Book: Heart of the Game

By Rachel Spangler | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

All Sarah Duke ever cared about was baseball, and she’s finally earned her shot as a full-time sports writer. She loves the work, she loves being one of the few women to ever gain access to a man’s world, but…

Cover of Crossing the Wide Forever

Book: Crossing the Wide Forever

By Missouri Vaun | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

Lillie Ellis leaves New York to accept a post as a schoolteacher on the frontier near a small homestead she just inherited from her uncle. Lillie’s ultimate desire is to become a painter, and she hopes the Kansas frontier will…

Cover of Shaken or Stirred

Book: Shaken or Stirred

By Georgia Beers | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

That has made her business-minded and driven, and she’s determined to turn her family’s struggling bar around. Simple. All she has to do is remodel, re-staff, and rebrand the place, work insane hours and ignore the sexy blonde who comes…

Cover of With a Twist

Book: With a Twist

By Georgia Beers | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

When she left her job to explore the world with her wife, she didn’t expect Tammy’s plans to include leaving her. Now, Amelia is starting over again and facing middle age alone. It’s a struggle, but she doesn’t want to…

Cover of On the Rocks

Book: On the Rocks

By Georgia Beers | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

Vanessa Martini makes no apologies for her dating checklist. She’s been up close to enough messy breakups to know what havoc they wreak in life. Just because people see her as fun and happy, and just because she loves her…