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Cover of Capturing Tess

Book: Capturing Tess

By Anna Stone | Narrated by Allie Shae

A woman taken captive by an alluring billionaire… Tess Bennett has never dared to dream of a better life. With no family and working a dead-end diner job to make ends meet, she’s just another twenty-something struggling to get by….

Cover of Queen of Humboldt

Book: Queen of Humboldt

By Tagan Shepard | Narrated by Allie Shae

From her nightclub she rules over the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago with ruthless calculation. Though everyone knows her as the Queen of Humboldt, Marisol lives part of her life in the shadows. When she hears of an impending assassination…

Cover of Saving Mia

Book: Saving Mia

By Anna Stone | Narrated by Allie Shae

Mia Brooks needs money, fast. Deep in debt to help pay her sister’s medical bills, her loan shark is coming to collect. Her solution? Auctioning off the one thing she’s been saving—herself. The highest bidder is Cassandra Lee, self-made businesswoman…

Cover of The Other Woman

Book: The Other Woman

By Hildred Billings | Narrated by Allie Shae

The most captivating woman in the city has walked into my office. Hair as red as carnal passion and a body I can’t stop fantasizing about. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m about to ask her out. And she…

Cover of Just One Wedding

Book: Just One Wedding

By Chelsea M. Cameron | Narrated by Allie Shae

Charli Sweet is happy to be living in Castleton, Maine with her roommate Natalie and working at her aunt’s bakery doing their social media management. She is, promise. So what if she can’t stop thinking about her ex who dumped…

Cover of Boss of Her

Book: Boss of Her

By Anna Stone | Narrated by Allie Shae

Small-town girl Jade Fisher has sacrificed everything for her dream of a high-powered career in Los Angeles. Fresh out of grad school, she’s one step away from landing the perfect job as executive assistant to Simone Weiss, LA’s hotel queen….