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Cover of Always More

Book: Always More

By Nicole Pyland | Narrated by Amanda Dolan

Sports Series Book #1. This series is related by a sports theme, not by characters. Everly Holman is between an internship and, hopefully, finding her dream job when she finds an online listing she thinks will be perfect for her….

Cover of Daughters Of A Coral Dawn

Book: Daughters Of A Coral Dawn

By Katherine V. Forrest | Narrated by Amanda Dolan, Kate Rudd, Erin Bennett

“The sky begins to shimmer with the silver of brilliant star clusters, the eerie radiance of red and blue flourescence. One huge moon, glowing gold, is soon joined by two others, much smaller, which slowly rise above the horizon, each…

Cover of Secret Rules to Being a Rockstar

Book: Secret Rules to Being a Rockstar

By Jessamyn Violet | Narrated by Amanda Dolan

Eighteen-year-old Kyla Bell dreams of one day being a professional musician… but gets little to no support from her parents. Still, she practices every day and performs locally, harboring her own secret hopes. One night, her dreams are answered in…

Cover of Something Like Possible

Book: Something Like Possible

By Miel Moreland | Narrated by Amanda Dolan

On the worst day of her life, Madison is dumped by her girlfriend, then fired as said (ex)girlfriend’s campaign manager… plus she accidentally rear-ends the student government advisor—the one person whose good word might help her win a spot at…