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Cover of A Matter of Trust

Book: A Matter of Trust

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Betsy Zajko

She hires JT Sloan, an Internet security consultant, to protect her most important asset – her dreams and visions, which are suddenly vulnerable within the corporate computer system. Sloan, a brilliant cybersleuth who steadfastly avoids emotional commitments, shares a painful,…

Cover of Oath of Honor

Book: Oath of Honor

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Betsy Zajko

Her charge is simple—protect and preserve the well-being of the most powerful man in the world—the president of the United States. As the First Physician, Wes must travel by President Andrew Powell’s side, in the hot zone, with everything she…

Cover of Justice in the Shadows

Book: Justice in the Shadows

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Betsy Zajko

Rebecca is aided in her struggle to uncover a pornography ring and expose its connections to a traitor within the police department by a rag-tag team of dedicated cops and civilians: JT Sloan, a cybersleuth who is committed to avenging…

Cover of Shield of Justice

Book: Shield of Justice

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Betsy Zajko

Finally, she has a break in the case–a witness–one person who may help her bring a madman to justice. But, the witness is a victim herself and Rebecca must convince the injured woman’s physician, Dr. Catherine Rawlings, to assist her–a…

Cover of Justice Served

Book: Justice Served

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Betsy Zajko

Newly promoted Detective Lieutenant Rebecca Frye once again assembles her unorthodox team of lovers and friends to bring a deadly informant in the police department to justice. Aided by J. T. Sloan, a cyber sleuth with a personal score to…

Cover of Justice for All

Book: Justice for All

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Betsy Zajko

As part of the operation, Dellon Mitchell goes undercover with a young woman posing as her lover – a woman with a secret agenda who puts Mitchell’s personal and professional life at risk. Before long, the hunters and the hunted…

Cover of In Pursuit of Justice

Book: In Pursuit of Justice

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Betsy Zajko

Joining forces with enigmatic computer consultant J.T. Sloan, Rebecca accepts a temporary assignment with a Federal task force investigating an Internet child pornography ring. Rebecca’s obsession with finding her partner’s killer and her involvement in the multi-jurisdictional investigation threaten both…