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Cover of Island Time

Book: Island Time

By Georgia Clark | Narrated by Mae Martin, Mirai, Corinne Davies, Cat Gould, David Linski, Katherine Littrell, Allyson Ryan

“A delicious escape.” —People Love is in the salty sea air in this smart and steamy ensemble romantic comedy set in a tropical paradise, from the author of the “sparkly and entertaining” (Oprah Daily) It Had to Be You. This…

Cover of The Secrets we Keep

Book: The Secrets we Keep

By Donna Jay | Narrated by Cat Gould

If anyone had told Sadie she’d be homeless and living out of her car at age twenty-five, she’d have laughed in their faces. She’d have laughed even harder if she’d been told her new, uptight, beauty parlour boss, Victoria, would…

Cover of Perks of Office

Book: Perks of Office

By Liz Rain | Narrated by Cat Gould

A light-hearted, age-gap lesbian office romance with sexual tension leading the polls. After high-powered politician Bridget O’Keefe sweeps into the uninspiring life of Australian electorate officer Emma Ives, nothing is the same again. Hapless, hopeless Emma is smacked with an…

Cover of A Curious Woman

Book: A Curious Woman

By Jess Lea | Narrated by Cat Gould

Bess Campbell has escaped to the windswept Australian coastal town of Port Bannir, determined to begin her life again. She is loving her fresh start, thanks to her fun job running a hip gallery, her territorial chickens, and a lot…

Cover of Looking for Trouble

Book: Looking for Trouble

By Jess Lea | Narrated by Cat Gould

Nancy is sick of living in the share house from hell, getting dumped by women who aren’t that into her, and being stuck in dead-end jobs. It’s time to chase her dream to become a political journalist, get her own…

Cover of The Number 94 Project

Book: The Number 94 Project

By Cheyenne Blue | Narrated by Cat Gould

When handywoman Jorgie’s uncle leaves her an old house in Melbourne, it’s a dream come true. Sure, 94 Gaylord Street is falling apart, and she has to deal with her uncle Bruce’s eccentric friends thanks to his unusual Will. But…

Cover of Friends and Lovers

Book: Friends and Lovers

By Lyn Denison | Narrated by Cat Gould

A life-threatening incident had changed Mac Donovan’s life. Now restricted to desk duties she was focusing on recovery and returning to her old job. She also knew she had to make the break from a dangerous secret relationship. On the…

Cover of Safely Home

Book: Safely Home

By Lyn Denison | Narrated by Cat Gould

There’s a stranger in town. Carolyn Winter is cool, in control and content with her single life. She’s certainly not looking for a relationship. Been there, done that, not pleasant. She has all she needs at the moment. A new…

Cover of Sweet Sweet Revenge

Book: Sweet Sweet Revenge

By Lyn Denison | Narrated by Cat Gould

Clancy Deveril’s life was not messy. She never allowed it to be. She simply moved on. It was what she did and it always worked. So why wasn’t she doing that now? Perhaps because this time it wasn’t just about…

Cover of For the Long Run

Book: For the Long Run

By Cheyenne Blue | Narrated by Cat Gould

A koala ruined her life. Well, that’s how elite athlete Shan Metz sees it. When an idiot charity runner in a koala suit trips Shan during a community fun run, her knee blows out, destroying her dream of making the…