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Cover of Lucha of the Night Forest

Book: Lucha of the Night Forest

By Tehlor Kay Mejia | Narrated by Elena Rey

Dark forces, forgotten magic, and a heart-stopping queer romance make this young adult novel a must-read. A scorned god. A mysterious acolyte. A forgetting drug. A dangerous forest. One girl caught between the freedom she always wanted and a sister…

Cover of The Wicked Unseen

Book: The Wicked Unseen

By Gigi Griffis | Narrated by Elena Rey, Jorjeana Marie

From the moment Audre arrives in rural Pennsylvania, it’s clear she won’t fit in. After all, her nose ring, her horror movie obsession, and her family’s Ouija board collection aren’t likely to endear her to a town convinced there’s a…

Cover of Lucky Red

Book: Lucky Red

By Claudia Cravens | Narrated by Elena Rey

It’s the spring of 1877 and sixteen-year-old Bridget is already disillusioned when she arrives penniless in Dodge City with only her wits to keep her alive. Thanks to the allure of her bright red hair and country-girl beauty, she’s recruited…

Cover of All Signs Point To Yes

Book: All Signs Point To Yes

By Cam Montgomery and g. haron davis and Adrianne White | Narrated by Erin Ruth Walker, Nancy Wu, Elena Rey, Sophie Amoss, Luis Selgas, Jason Grasl

A haunted Aquarius finds love behind the veil. An ambitious Aries will do anything to stay in the spotlight. A foodie Taurus discovers the best eats in town (with a side of romance). A witchy Cancer stumbles into a curious…