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Cover of Squire Derel

Book: Squire Derel

By Rachel Ford | Narrated by Lynne Ennis

…work, Squire Ana Derel has earned the respect of her peers. She’s a crack shot, and lethal with a blade. She’s weeks away from earning her own knighthood. Then a deadly ambush leaves her charred, defeated and wanting justice. With…

Cover of Crimson Yuletide

Book: Crimson Yuletide

By Rachel Ford | Narrated by Lynne Ennis

…town square. Children disappear in the night. Villagers report sightings of Krampus, the Christmas demon. For siblings Nan and William Fitzgerald, the season began with a promise of new loves and Christmas magic. But they find themselves in the eye…

Cover of Mountain Witch

Book: Mountain Witch

By Rachel Ford | Narrated by Lynne Ennis

…mankind. Some say she’s a myth, meant to frighten wandering children. But Brynja knows better, because she was one of those wandering younglings. And she saw the witch as a child. She still sees her, in her nightmares. When an…