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Cover of Tomorrow’s Promise

Book: Tomorrow’s Promise

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Natalie Duke

Tanner Whitley—young, wild, restless—and heir to a dynasty, desperately tries to escape both her destiny and the memories of a tragic loss with casual sex and wild nights, a dangerous course that may ultimately destroy her. One timeless summer, these…

Cover of The Holiday Trap

Book: The Holiday Trap

By Roan Parrish | Narrated by Natalie Duke, Pete Cross, Hillary Huber

Greta Russakoff loves her tight-knit family and tiny Maine hometown, but they can’t seem to understand what it’s like to be a lesbian living in such a small world. When an act of familial meddling goes way too far, she…

Cover of Fresh Tracks

Book: Fresh Tracks

By Georgia Beers | Narrated by Natalie Duke

There are three things that Amy Forrester loves most in the world: Jo, her wife of fifteen years; spending time with her closest friends; and her cabin in the woods. What better way to spend the week between Christmas and…

Cover of Run Baby Run

Book: Run Baby Run

By Melissa Lenhardt | Narrated by Natalie Duke, Courtney Patterson, Alex Picard

Darcy Evans is getting married. In a week. To a man who is her childhood dream come true. But a late-night confession from her best friend changes everything and before she even has time to unpack it, she must endure…

Cover of Love's Tender Warriors

Book: Love's Tender Warriors

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Natalie Duke

Intense and aloof, she hides dark secrets and unhealed wounds beneath her warrior’s exterior. Sean Gray is the young psychologist and senior student who threatens to bring down the barriers Drew has erected around her heart. Battle hardened and world…