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Cover of Greengage Plots

Book: Greengage Plots

By Emma Radley | Narrated by Wendy Wolfson

Katherine “Kit” Sorel is new to the cosy but quirky island of Greengage. When she tries to use her talents for plotting to help a friend, she soon discovers that on this British island—anything can happen. Kittens can race, fruit…

Cover of Greengage Holiday Cheer

Book: Greengage Holiday Cheer

By Emma Radley | Narrated by Wendy Wolfson

Librarian and solver of mysteries, Kit Sorel, has a lot on her plate this December. The eccentric but cosy island of Greengage can do that to a person. All Kit wants is to settle into her first holiday season on…

Cover of Greengage Shelf

Book: Greengage Shelf

By Emma Sterner-Radley | Narrated by Wendy Wolfson

All is not well on the cosy but quirky English island of Greengage. The mysterious rummaging and stealing from an old lady’s bookshelf exposes secrets and suspicious behaviour. Then there’s a cryptic lovers’ quarrel between two pub owners and an…

Cover ofThe Startling Inaccuracy of the First Impression

Book: The Startling Inaccuracy of the First Impression

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Wendy Wolfson

Woodlands Avenue is a peaceful and tranquil street, picturesque with Victorian-era homes and lined with trees. Verity Forsyth lives at 27A, and is enjoying her early retirement, active social calendar and occasional babysitting duties. Katie Ross is starting over, leaving…