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Cover of The Milk of Human Kindness

Book: The Milk of Human Kindness

By Lori L. Lake

…great gift.” ~Lambda Book Report This remarkable anthology contains stories, essays, and memoirs by some of the brightest stars in the lesbian writing world: Katherine V. Forrest, Radclyffe, Karin Kallmaker, Cameron Abbott, Ellen Hart, Lori L. Lake, Caro Clarke, J.M….

Cover of Have Gun We'll Travel

Book: Have Gun We'll Travel

By Lori K. Lake

…twists and heartbreak, but in the end, the message is all about friendship. If you miss this one, you’ll miss one of the year’s best.” Radclyffe, author of Fated Love and the “Honor” and “Justice” series Have Gun, We’ll Travel…

Cover of Sappho's Bar and Grill

Book: Sappho's Bar and Grill

By Bonnie J. Morris

…Stern into the past when she least expects it. Through her sexy encounters with foremothers ranging from Lilith to Sappho, through Radclyffe Hall to the All American Girls Baseball League, Hannah learns much about herself and women’s survival across time….

Cover of Twelve Nights with Viola & Olivia

Book: Twelve Nights with Viola & Olivia

By Lady Vanessa S.-G.

…scholar Dr. Hannah Miyamoto from the recently-discovered manuscripts of an English aristocrat, Twelve Nights with Viola & Olivia is the first in a remarkable story by Lady Vanessa–a contemporary of Virginia Woolf, Radclyffe Hall, and Vita Sackville-West–about women that love…

Cover of Tomorrow’s Promise

Book: Tomorrow’s Promise

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Natalie Duke

Tanner Whitley—young, wild, restless—and heir to a dynasty, desperately tries to escape both her destiny and the memories of a tragic loss with casual sex and wild nights, a dangerous course that may ultimately destroy her. One timeless summer, these…

Cover of Love’s Masquerade

Book: Love’s Masquerade

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Paige McKinney

It began one winter morning when Auden set out to interview for a much-needed position as an editor in the nonfiction division of Palmer Publishing. Haydon Palmer, however, the powerful young head of the company, offers Auden something far different—something…

Cover of Wild Shores

Book: Wild Shores

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Abby Craden

Gillian “Gem” Martin is the lead biologist at a wildlife sanctuary on the Northeast coast and head of the Wildlife Emergency Response Team called in when catastrophes, man-made or natural, threaten the endangered species she studies. Austin Germaine is a…

Cover of Love After Hours

Book: Love After Hours

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Paige McKinney

Maybe that’s why she’s still single. She’s never met anyone who could convince her they wanted anything more than a fling. Friendly was fun, but not where she wanted to hang her heart. Gina Antonelli had big dreams once, of…

Cover of Passionate Rivals

Book: Passionate Rivals

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Lori Prince

Emmett McCabe never expected to see Sydney Stevens—a woman with whom she’d shared a brief, incendiary connection before it all went up in flames—again. Luckily, ascending the cutthroat ladder of a high-pressure surgery residency to reach the top spot makes…

Cover of Cost of Honor

Book: Cost of Honor

By Radclyffe | Narrated by Keira Grace

The last thing she needs is a tragedy among the president’s inner circle that might not be an accident, or the sudden recruitment of Ari Rostof, a woman who might be a lot more than she seems. But Oakes doesn’t…